Thursday, September 02, 2004

4:32 pm
i am going to post something i wrote this morning in french, it's a dream i had last night/this morning that was very vividly interesting.

i was going with amy, mason, adrienne, melissa terry, her dad (who, of course, is happily married to lisa, but for some weird reason in this dream he was set to marry "andrea" but she left him at the altar... DON'T ASK ME!), and becca book to New York City for something. We loaded up in an open-air car-type thing but ended up going down one of those beginning slide things from a white-water rafting place and we were in a raft and
(this needes to be the well-written part)
We go down the slide and end up in what I guess is the Hudson (?), whatever body of water is between NYC and the statue of liberty. And we come out from under a canopy and all of a sudden, there is New York City straight before us, glistening in the crisp sunrise and cool morning air, and it is the first time I have ever seen this famous city in person and I WANT my dream to have the two tallest buildings in the world standing up proudly but they're not there of course, and it kind of makes me want to cry when I don't see them, because I will never get to see them. And we sail past, and I look up and up and see what look like Hotwheels cars driving on the tiny roads, exaggeratingly (is that a word?) miniscule since all the buildings are so tall-- I am reminded of the Argonath. This looks like the landscape I see in "Friends" every day, but it's not funny, it's beautiful and powerful even though I have never even been there and I think of that September that took so much away and it makes me sad that I have discovered this city's pull so late. And even if I don't see any people, I can tell that they all have an indescribable strength. It's all bathed in the light of a sunset and it's a sad strength that pulls the waves up and down on the shore.

on a brighter and more realistic note: NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D tomorrow = half day and it's time to go voir "friends"!!!
and balhh stupid AM photo doesn't have those scrapbooks in yet

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Anonymous said...

i guess i have to post anonymously because i dont have an account? well it's helen! and omgosh i had the weirdest dream! i was organizing my binder on the bus and i was stapling my papers with MY SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! it was so weird cause they were blue converses and i DONT EVEN OWN THOSE!!!!!! hahahha :)