Sunday, September 26, 2004

3:36 pm music = "light of the world" --godspell!
hey yall, life is busy, sorry i have not written lately.
friday night = french club diner @ allie's!! jo and allie outdid themselves with chicken, pasta w/ veggies and cheese sauce, bread and cheese, casserole, tomatoes and tuna, yummmmmmmmers and then MKT brought mousse!!! those present: jo, allie, alana (i love that girl. she is hilarious. we are GOING to france one day!!! unless i take all the ice cream from her... hehe), julia (yay! she drove over herself!), mary kathryn (she is so great), gabby, siavash, anne, raisa (i am really glad she is in my grade), paul (i swear that child... broadway bound and CCRAZY!), et madame ju ju! yay! i love her. we had great time laughing and drinking sparkling cider and talking at the long dinner table and then we went and danced to french rap and johanna talked about bellydancing and then paul put in "LES MIS" and MK, moi, jo, et paul all sang along and danced around while allie showed mme pics of france and everyone talked. it was grrrrreat. so much fun. then paul and jo did a little musique from charlie brown, and then paul played "my heart will go on" on the piano and allie, jo, mary kathryn, and moi performed it with MOTIONS! hahahahaha. i looove all those senior girls, i am really gonna miss them next year. a great night all in all.
YESTERDAY: slept in, did basically nothing all morning, went to office depot and got a pretty planner, went to panera and got their new yummy club sandwich, went to the heppners to watch cotton patch and godspell with: my darling boy robby, george, allie, addy, megs, katie w., melissa t., martha, and vic, and of course terri. they are both great except the godspell movie sucks. oh well. we decided on godspell and then trying to adapt cotton patch for next year! YAY! i like that arrangement. then i went to megan's really fast and saw her gorgeous BLUE material for her dress! eeee! us, the blue gals! hehe. then robby and i went to the mall and saw "mr. 3000." it was a really enjoyable and funny movie, i like bernie mac a lot. and i looove my boy. it was good good good. i just love talking to him, we get along so well. then dad picked us up and i made us grilled cheeses at home and we watched some of the best of will ferrell SNL and then he left. :)
TODAY: sang in church! it went SOooooooooooOOOOOOO well. "son of god most holy" yay sr high choir! then there was the church picnic. that was muchos fun too. alex was there! yummy food. ahhh. then we went home and i relaxed some and have done some hw, all i have left is APUSH. i am gonna go to a mtg. about the emory-glenn interfaith center and then to choir and youth. i love all this stuff.
TOMORROW IS YLD! yay! helen, ginny, hannah, etc etc! wahooo! A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K!! hehe.

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