Friday, September 17, 2004

10:19 pm
hallo peoples. it is another 4-day weekend! crazy to think that tomorrow is just saturday. but anyway.
so yesterday, i slept til 10ish. then LK, megs, and robby came over and we watched jerry springer-- i had never seen it full through before, it was so horrible!! but hilariously SAD. then we hung out and played scrabble when victor came over bc he brought it. then we relaaaxed... hmm not much else happened, robby and i were starting to watch austin powers 2 when his dad called and told him to come home because the weather was gonna get worse. and then everyone left. and so mase and i were starting to watch austin powers downstairs when...
... the power went off!!!
so first, we just sat there in the pitch dark (it was around 5 pm) and then we asked spelling questions from cranium for about half an hour. hehe. then mom came down and realized that the basement was starting to flood so we all got to work for about an hour or so soaking towels with the water seeping in from the door. then the power came back on!!!! :) eee yay. so i ate my publix sandwich that dear daddy brought home and watched tv. "joey" and the season premiere of "will and grace", etc. and talked to megan for an hour or more on the phone and just relaaaaaaaaxed ahhhhhhhhh it is so nice to have an unexpected long weekend with hardly any homework.
today megan came over and put food in our freezer since they still did not have power. then we went to hancock fabrics to look at material for homecoming dresses!! eeeeeeeeee. then we went to kinko's and ran into LK, ebet, and marshall, and went to willy's with them and had a picnic lunch in their mini van. then we went, picked up kirsten, and went back to hancock to show her our choices. we stayed there for awhile and then they took me home and we discussed the dress with mom and stuff. then robby came over and we walked to the mall and shopped for daniella, lizzie, and peter's presents. then we walked back home. it was very nice. then i hung out for awhile and megs and Lk and i went to see "wimbledon." it was good, i loooove paul bettany and kirsten dunst is great too. that's all!

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