Sunday, August 29, 2004

9:59 pm
god bless the soul of tricia timmins and please deliver her into your beautiful peaceful land where she can always watch over glenn, billy, ben, and annie. god be with those four as they struggle with such a palpable and surreal loss of a great woman, mother, wife, friend, teacher who will never get to watch her daughter graduate from high school, her sons from college, marriages, grandchildren, except from the eternal blue sky, where she will see it all. bless the incredible glenn school community as they endure this loss of an excellent leader who was a role model and friend and mentor to so many young children in her years. she taught me so much when i was little, she was my preschool teacher when i was four, she took me down off the big tires that i couldn't climb on because i was not a big kid. she and my mother were great friends, she used to pick mom up to go out to dinner. i remember the night that david and kelly got married in '94, mom and dad wouldn't let mase and me stay for the whole reception at the club and so they took us home and tricia and billy were there to put us to bed. i remember when billy was riding his bike and was in a crash and lost his spleen and we were all really nervous, even though you can live without your spleen. i remember going over to her house for a little cooking camp during the summers and we made homemade ice cream and frozen graham cracker things. and they had a big trampoline. i remember when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and then it got better, i thought.
i dunno, this just all happened so suddenly. i got back from the YLD retreat at rock eagle and was told in the mall parking lot by my mother that she died yesterday. i just cannot comprehend the fact that those three kids do not have a mother anymore. it makes me sick to think about. the funeral is on tuesday during 4th period and i really want to go, but with the rate at which i am understanding pre-cal at the moment (aka none), i dunno. she was such a special lady, she always had a smile. this is so weird and surreal.
ironically, my "livestrong" bracelet came today.

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