Sunday, August 22, 2004

9:27 pm
yawn. je suis tres fatigueeeeeeee. lalala. i haven't written in awhile. this weekend was billy brown 04!! yay!! at the rushings' cabin, how i love it. first, on friday we had a pep rally on friday afternoon and it got me out of math-- YESSS!! hehe. it was annoying but fun. then robby and i went down to jake's and got ice cream and i showed him the quad since he didn't know what it was, and the infamous bite nite fountain, hehehe. it was so enjoyable. except time always goes soooo fast when we are together. then i went to billy brown. megs, addy, and i grabbed a loft. we relaxed and planned some and relaxed sommore... i just love that place because it is so relaxing. we slept so well and we talked under the sleeping bag for awhile. on saturday we ate biscuits like we always do and planned for about 2 hours or so. then we listened to CDs, including "children of eden" which is great bc the cabin always reminds me of it because 2 years ago that's where we first "learned" our music for it. some people went to the lake but megs, addy and i hung around the cabin and did homework and then took a walk around the lake. then we all got in the creek in our clothes and splashed around and addy and i got completely soaked. it was hilarious. i can't wait to see the picture megan took of us! then i took a shower and relaxed with melissa, sheridan, katie, etc. i love those gals and i love my dearest addy and megs. then we took a nap upstairs and ate YUMMILICIOUS burgers and hot dogs. then amy had a really good worship for us, i really want that packet that she read from. then we had girl talk up in the loft with amy, liz, katie, sheridan, melissa, addy, megs, and myself. SOOOO FUN!!!!! :D didn't sleep as well bc all the girls slept in our loft and as a result i got pushed to the edge of the blow-up mattress and didn't have a pillow. ah well. woke up this morning, ate and cleaned up and left. got back to the yaab 'round 12:40ish and dad took me home. i got home, ate blimpi, relaxed and actually took a nap. did a little homework but not really and then went to choir kickoff. very fun. then to youth, which was good, kudos to katie o'b for a grrreat and SUCCESSFUL program, hehehe. i love my homefries. yayayay. and now i am home talking to robby and i have been talking to addy and allie and megs and have no work to do!! eeeeeeee! how NICE. i love life.

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