Tuesday, August 17, 2004

7 pm
i am done with almost all of my homework!!! Yessssssssss. and talking to robby makes things better anyway. hm i need to e-mail elizabeth at wake forest. yesterday night mase and i went to megan's house to study- me, LK, megs, and robby did math and mase did "biology and sarcastic comments"-- his words, not mine. it was fun but looong. i love kirsten. and allie and addy stopped in to sell popcorn for venture scouts too. but before that, in the car on the way to megan's, CHRIS CALLED!!!! on his cell phone from NCstate!!! yeeeeeeeehah! sooo great to hear from my big brother, we'd been playing phone tag for the past few days. it's great bc normally when folks go to college i only email or write em but to hear a familiar voice is so awesome. today was good too--- yay french, i knew the vocab and no one else didn't!! hehe. so nice, not bragging though... anyways. then spotlight was fine. ap us was good too, i like ms. strickland, unlike most people apparently. lunch was nice too, with megs. lizzie was a party pooper and sat inside. blech. hehe jk my lizzie. math was ehhh ok, baaaaaaaad quiz but i don't care that much bc we don't have hw!! yeehah. mom picked me up and we went to pat's for a chiropractor appt., talked to gatra, i love her. came home, did ap us hw and ate dinner etc. now am relaaaaxing. :)

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