Thursday, August 26, 2004

6:43 pm
tomorrow is FRIIIIIIIIIIIDAY phew
this week has been fine, just tiring. today at my beth appointment i made a road map!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOOO COOL! like a collage of the important stuff/people of the last year. i am so proud of it. megs is coming over to do history in a bit and last night me, her, robby, LK, and lizzie studied for math. YAY FOR ADRIENNE!!! :-D i have that leadership retreat this weekend. i don't mind though, i hope it'll be fun, i really wanna hang out with hannah and mia and ari, etc. why don't people like ms. strickland? i love her!! she is such a good teacher. hey it's 26 dh ays til lizzie's birthday on the 26th!! AHHH! hehe. today DAVID AND AUSTIN CAME to breakfast club!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE! that made me v. happy. i like austin's blue demi-mohawk. it suits him well. david is leaving for umich tomorrow. godspeed my brother. that was great though. ok i have to go eat alfredo.

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