Monday, August 16, 2004

5:30 pm
yaawn. my wrist hurts. today was fine. talking to my drummer boy last night made it even better. yesterday twas fun too-- KICKOFF 04!!! hehehe. nice man. little sevvies and SIXIES! hehehe. i guess we best not call them that though. tomorrow i have a math quiz, dammit, so tonight robby and i are gonna go to the megses' to study cause kirsten is back from england. hey clinebell said that the time after the next time i go to the orthodonist (aka 16 weeks from now) i can get my braces off probably!! heeheee yayay. ok i should work... or do something else. who knows. PEACE OUT
this weekend-- billy brown!!! seed lake!! YAYAYAY!!!!!! and the #2 mom, ann!

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