Tuesday, August 31, 2004

4:45 pm
gotta go to the cross country meet in like 5 minutes... so what has happened today? not much. well this morning i wasn't feeling well and i was trying to de cide whether or not to go to tricia's funeral and miss math and i was really tired all throughout french and just did not want to do anything. then in spotlight i called mom and decided not to go to the funeral bc i do not think that i can risk missing math right now. then i helped marissa with her article and i am very interested in the other stuff she says she writes. she speaks well but it seems she just does not have a grasp of grammar skills and style which is a tad annoying but i really, really want to help her out and turn her into a better writer. then in ap us it was all good-- i love that class. for lunch i sat inside with maia, daniella, lizzie, jon jon, reid, owen, etc. cause megs had to go talk to KR. it was a really fun lunch. then in math- i love ms. ward, i think i am understanding stuff a little better. now i am home drinking tea and about to go cheer on peoples who are running and are hot and sweaty. i don't have too much homework and it shall soon be a 1/2 day!!!!!!! :-D

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