Tuesday, August 03, 2004

4:35 pm
yo dudes, wazup? :) hehehe. anyways. HIER (yesterday, adrienne) was fun! went to dinner at watershed with katie and family and friend ted for her 21st birthday! thomas picked me up and it was a surprise bc as soon as she and her parents pulled into the parking lot we ducked behind T's car and apparently when she saw she said "it appears that thomas is hiding behind his car with a female." i can so imagine her saying that!! hehe. anyways, dinner was yummy and her grandparents and friend ted came too and i had a good pork sandwich. then we went back to their house and had a GREAT chocolate cake!!! chocolate cake, icing, chips, and sprinkles. DUUUUDE. and just wait til you hear what i had at home, hehehe. then she opened presents, i got her a pretty box from pier one (gotta love em esp the cashier dude, he is soo cool!). then her dad took me home and megs was there to spend the night! YAY! i helped on the end of making oreos (the one and only oreo, o o o lizzie!) and we watched "will and grace" and "friends" and ate yummy homemade oreos, oh my lord they are sooo good. hehe. then we went upstairs and talked with mason whom (surprise surprise) was stuck on his new computer game). stayed in there til around 2ish, then went to my room and talked and stuff and fell asleep by 3 am. not an all nighter like last time but still good stuff was done. then woke up round 9:20, megs left round 9:30, i went back to bed and slept til 12. then did some stuff around the house and listened to joni mitchell and went to my annual physical with marietta = HEALTHY! yay. now chatting with addy, etc. tomorrow = registration (baaah) and then youth council, then everybody's with megs, hopefully addy, mase, marty, vic, robby and maybe molls?? to embarrass george the bus boy, hehe. FUN! may we all be blessed with good schedules. PLEASE! and help me not to stress, god. aymen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the box. It's shiny and pretty and neat! And it was great to have you at my party! Also, I think it's totally justified to follow up chocolate cake with homemade oreos.