Monday, August 30, 2004

4:30 pm
blahhhhck. when i got home i really wanted to write and rant about how i am failing math but i really do not feel like it anymore. strange how that happens. maaaaaaaaaan. i have NEVER failed a class before, not even for 3 weeks!!!!! (because it will stay an F only if hell freezes over) i now realize how much i like As and Bs. ah blah. and now marty and vic may not come to the mountains???? what the hell????.... we told them about it!!!!.... maaaaaaaaaaaaaan they must come, it is not the same without them. and who the hell schedules a cross country invitational on freakin labor day weekend?!?!??! *pleasepleaseplease* let them come. hrmph. sooo that's a mystery at the moment.
i cried when i got home about failing, it just makes me sad. i am such a perfectionist sometimes. er, most of the time. and my jaw hurts and i have a headache. lalalala. beautiful day, huh??
"goodbye england's rose" 7 yrs ago
i should write about the wkend but i don't feel like it right now

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