Wednesday, August 11, 2004

4:19 pm
music: head over feet --alanis

blecccch school... it's goin ok, just busy and i hate being shell-shocked into going back. i never see robby except between classes becaues he's not IN any of them. megs and lizzie and i have a good time at lunch which is great, and i am a little worried about math... but it's all good and it'll get better hopefully. ladeladedaaa. schedule--
1st-- french--jules
3rd--ap us--strickland
i realllllllllllllllllllly like ms. ward-- she is so funny!! i like that class except for math. i just realized today that megan and adrienne johnson have been in my math class 3 out of 3 high school years. 5 years ago we got rusty the mini dachshund, yay! and 1 year ago was the first day of school and 2 years ago i was sad that david was going away. chris, michael, laura, and elizabeth are leaving for colleges this weekend. david, austin, debbie, and shannon are in SCOTLAND. htrmph. kickoff will be fun. on friday robby and i are doing something but not quite sure what. i just need something relaxing to take my mind off school. it is such nice weather outside. ok i'm done.
peace out

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