Tuesday, August 24, 2004

4:10 pm
hallo world. right now i am eating a big yellow bowl of cookies and cream and oh fudge! oh nuts. yummmm. a very nice way to spend the afternoon. the past 2 days have been good but extremely tiring. i don't feel like it's gonna get any better as far as down time goes, at least not for a couple of weeks (pause for bite of chocolatey yumness). but oh well, c'est la vie, n'est pas? yepyep. ok. yesterday twas monday. not bad for a monday. i really do enjoy all my classes and teachers except pre-cal whereas i love ms. ward but not the subject. blech math blech. anyway. then last evening i went to the youth leadership orientation (for those of you who don't know, i am part of a youth leadership class that is meeting once a month til may) and everyone was extremely nice and i met people from different high schools including hannah, mia, and ari from paideia (the latter 2 whom i'd heard of many times from emmy over the years). it was cool. paul r. and ashlee are doing it from dhhs also. we have a retreat from sat. to sun. this weekend which i hope will be good too. anyway, i enjoyed it. then i went to the megses house for math study with her, LK, robby, and lizzie. such a great group that i love, and kirsten is awesome too. we had brownies of course and did work. and laughed a lot. tres fun. then LK left, robby left, and megs took lizzie and myself home.
today has been good so far. during spotlight megs and i went down to the village to "sell" ads (we tried, it didn't work, no manager was around for any place... sorry but if managers run the places then why aren't they there??) and it was really cool, i'd never been off campus before during school. hehe, such a little naive goody two shoes but ah well. i have homework etc and the first cross country meet of the season is at 5 and my little bro is running!! awwww. :) i hope he does ok and feels good about it. i am talking to robby now and i finished my ice cream so i should go get my tea.

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