Sunday, August 08, 2004

2:26 pm
music = classical npr stuff
ok continuing last night
summer= yay!!
just a long list:
hanging out with friends, my family, going to movies with robby and just being with him (saving that dog!), spending the night at the megses and vice versa, IM with the vinnies and others, sessions with beth, walking at shamrock with lizzie, making oreos, watching good movies (love actually, whalerider, shrek 2, harry potter 3, spiderman 2, clueless, oceans 11, paycheck ;)amelie, almost famous, cinderella story ;), mighty aphrodite, romeo and juliet, lord of the rings, chicago, charade, the last 20 minutes of the manchurian candidate ;) etc. if i forgot any i'll add em later), good food, spending the night at megan's the night before virgin islands with peoples, ping pong (german and non), driving around with megs, making chocolate pie with elleny and taking it to jules' house, everything at panama city, playing under a tent while it rained with elleny, hanging out at addy and allie's house for a bit, summersaults, kim and priscilla, sending/receiving letters from david at mtn. TOP, visiting laurel ridge and shamrock, virgin islands stuff!! getting pictures developed, plane flights, lester's service and party, the "new" nikon, going to robby's concert (ahhh sooo good), going to asheville, seeing baby lily kate!, the family reunion at junaluska with everyone, playing kaput, jacksonville, mayray, pam, abs, etc. carrabbas! the beach, st. augustine, dear aunt mary and uncle jamie, seeing everyone at jamie's service, max cleland speaking, robby coming!!! marty and vic's company and pool, massage from megs, painting her fence for pippi, indigo girls' concert at chastain, HOWARD SHORE AT THE SYMPHONY!!!!, andrew being in town, allie's camp stories, robby's house for his birthday, collective soul with him and his family, and psycho at piedmont too, "youth" at megan's house, surprising the whole congregation for lester's last day, suprising wes today, making his backboard with megs last night, singing "sanctuary" with such an amazing group of youth, young and old, especially the low part that leigh and rae taught me!! sleeping late, going to sleep late,
everybody's with everybody, helping nana and pop pop "clean up", getting a punching bag with megs and taking pics in sports authority, swimming some at pangborn, playing badminton, shopping for bathing suits with allie, megs, and addy, writing, maggie's party on friday, robby coming for dinner.........
FRIDAY = fun! maggie's party= me, robby, maggie, daniella, lizzie, richard, lauren, and ellen. ate pigs in a blanket and tacos, hung out, and took pictures. took lizzie home.
SATURDAY = rehearsal for wes's surprise today with alums and youth. fun but tiring, annoying but gorgeous mozart piece (virginia had a solo), etc, pretty "sanctuary" low part, mick's for lunch with mom and dad-- bacon bleu burger and chocolate cream pie!!-- dishwasher shopping, megan's house and sardines with her, mase, chris, and addy for awhile, hung out there, then megs and i driving past my house just to drive straight for awhile, freeeeedom with our hair in the wind, the weather feels like fall camping so it's extra good! came home, ate pizza/hamburgers and watched "that 70s show", then made the pretty backboard for wes outside. then watched "chicago". ahhh.
TODAY SO FAR = DAVID IS HOME!!! til tuesday when he, austin, debbie, and shannon go to scotland. grrrrowl. jealousy. anyways. grabbed him and went over to practice for wes's thing at the sanctuary, then hung out downstairs for awhile. the service was great, westopher the hunk was not expecting ANYTHING and it all went well. my favorite part was singing "sanctuary" down there with all those youth for the benediction. i looooved it. *smiles* my kindred spirits they all are, in one way or another, they know what i love about this place and this group, no matter who's in it. then a nice reception and funny stories. now i am here. i should be preparing for tomorrow but i have honestly hardly thought about it since we do not have our schedules. god be with us all. I SHALT NOT STRESS
tonight will be fun... lotsa peoples coming to youth and i don't even know what we are doing, but it is still always nice to have that before school comes. UPPERCLASSMAN baby! :)
god, this summer has been sooo great; help the year be even better.

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