Saturday, August 14, 2004

2:12 pm
music= she will be loved --maroon 5-- songs about jane = GREAT CD
guess where i am dudes? in my ROOM!!! cooooool. we have a new desktop and we have a network type thing yayayay!!
ok so the first week of school was ehhh ok. my classes are all pretty good. i love mme jules of course, and there are 3 levels in there-- IV, AP, IB. ahhck! but it's cool cause it means julia, sarah, jo, allie, MKT, etc. are all in there. i looove those seniors. yay!!!
spotlight is pretty good too, i'm so glad megs is in there. it is mainly a free class time because we just write our articles at our own pace. i'm writing one on my family history of dhhs and one on what people did this summer. i also feel like i have a project for the semester: marisa, a sophomore who has really good ideas but needs help getting them on paper... yay!! i want to help her a lot. she's really nice. i'm also on the editorial board, meaning that i edit articles. oooooh. position of power.... heeheeheee....
AP us history is ok. i like ms. strickland, unlike most other people i've talked to. she is nice and megs and lizzie are in this class. the workload hasn't been that bad either, and she is giving us EXACT pages to read per night!!! THANK GOD. coach flowers, you are awesome, but take a page out of her book!! we have B lunch and lizzie, megs and i sit outside on a nice bench. i wish we had A lunch though bc mase, paul, robby, LK, etc. all have that lunch. oh well. sitting outside with 2 of my best friends ever isn't bad at all!
math is fun. ms. ward is really funny. she is like in the middle of ms. ross and dr. gramling. she knows how to laugh and have fun like ms ross and doesn't get all uptight like dr. G when that happens. and she still gets work done. i looove the people in that class. DHHS is full of characters. warren, sofe (you rock, SD!), frank, cean, maggie, lizzie, megs, richard, peter, AJ (with a squeaky voice yesterday), gena, grivas, walter, connor, rachael, etc.
and mr. john johnson is our bus driver again!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM, he is so great. i am so glad we didn't have to get used to someone else. that is lucky. anyway...
today is saturday. yesss. last night robby came over and we hung out and ate publix s/wiches, watched "seinfeld", braves, and the opening ceremonies. ATHENS 04 baby. well, ATL 96 was best but whatever. :) anyways, it was extremely enjoyable.
music= gotta get thru this --daniel beddingfield, good song
it feels like fall so much. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love that. so many college freshies are leaving yesterday, today, tomorrow. chris and laura are gone i think. sistah E goes today. michael tomorrow. god be with them all. godspeed my big brother, my corrupter, my sistah, my glisson friend. i love you all so much.
i need to: swim, go to wolf, call AM photo, do math hw, etc. am going to go see "the princess diaries 2" tonight with megs and addy. YESSSSS YAY MIA THERMOPOLIS!!!! MARRY MICHAEL MOSCOVITZ PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
ok that's all. peace out yall
tomorrow= KICKOFF 04!!!
4 yrs ago-- started SMS. jeeeeeeeeeez time flies.

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