Friday, August 06, 2004

12:30 am
yawn. good morning.
LAST NIGHT: well first i volunteered @ good ole sms for a bit -- earned a kappa hour, yahooo! hehehe--- and walked around those halls and thought "goshdurnit i am 3 yrs older than the oldest kids here" and "jeez i am so glad i don't go here anymore!" even though i loved it when i was here. so many memories walking down those halls. i saw ms. rodgers, ever her sarcastic and witty self, walked down and paid homage to the departed-for-CO-and-stained-glass-making-mtn-resort-working Ms. Connie Logsdon's old room, saw ms. bailey the wonderful, in that same room where 9-11 all came crashing down on television, and marty's and mine FAVORITE world studies teacher ms. taylor (ha! ha! well she wasn't horrible but god her class was) etc... and then worked in the gym and hummed "we are the young" under my breath the whole time. ah memories.
then megs drove mase and me home and she took a quick shower (YAY-- VARSITY V-BALL BABE!!!!!!!!!) and we took off to youth council. planned kickoff, got to meet jennifer aka jr high youth lady. she is so tiny! but soo adorable. i aimed her a lot. hehehe. and robby dearest came in towards the end and unbounded sky is gonna play!! coooool. then:
  1. me
  2. robby
  3. masey
  4. megs
  5. chris t
  6. addy
  7. beth
  8. candylander
  9. marty
  10. vic
  11. molls
  12. ben
all went to everybodys bc george was bussing and it was just a good excuse to go. but next time we will go when he isn't working so he can hang with us, hehe. er, roll with the homies. hehehe. anyways. it was soooo much fun, i love my homefries so much. good times. then we went to jake's and molls and i got yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy ice cream and then we all walked up to caribou and sat on the benches for awhile. gotta love the village. then molls drove us and ben home, mase and ben were crazy comme d'habitude and molls got a call from jed from OR. got home and talked to addy and robby online til 1 am. wahooooo. :)
today-- went to a beth appointment at 11, we discussed goals and driving. eeek. hehehe. then home for a bit, then went to elleny's! from about 1-7 pm. we talked, looked at her college books- KENYON DUDE! i must talk to annie- and hung out under the blue sheet tent she made over her futon bed while it stormed. and played hit the cloth happysad star she made. it was a verrry good "regression session" i felt like such a little kid in a tent while it rained with my elleny and it was so comforting and nice. i love it that we can go back to the way we have always been close whenever we get together. and we helped her mom, roxanne, and her german friend lia (sp?) make dinner and then we ate it. hehe. and then i went home. and hung out some, and then megs called and came over for a bit (between this i sponged the backboard for the hunk's pictures ;D) and then kirsten picked us up and we went and saw "a cinderella story"! it was pretty good/cheesy/but entertaining esp. with my megs. chad michael murray is soooooo fine!! hehehe. sorry, it's true yall. and hilary can be annoying but she wasn't horrible. anyways it was funny. i think emma thompson was a seat below us (not the actress, some girl from church, GB's sister). now i am home and must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
summer is fast ending, dammit.
but oh it has been a great one.

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