Sunday, August 01, 2004

10:35 pm
thank you god for simple pleasures

walking into a room and seeing friends
my molls back from vail
the stone sanctuary that is my second home
singing beautiful hymns (esp ones addy likes :D)
holding hands with my drummer boy (GET ONLINE BY THE WAY :D)
and just being with him
which is so amazing
a nice lunch in the basement with a warm blanket
slightly dozing off
new pictures
new clothes (hehe)
the tiredness after shopping a lot
the glenn youth group
washing vans
with soap
and water
and getting wet
and talking
eating cookies
a prayer circle
my brother christoph who is soon leaving for college
cool, calm, collected christinia
the nice cool cadillac
my wonderful pop pop and his treats
and the way he talks and sings
the pretty pink bracelet megs bought me from honduras
being able to talk to my parents about anything
and hearing good feedback and support
talking to dear adrienne
and to my dearest megs, hearing her comforting voice
knowing that tomorrow i can actually sleep late
everybody's on wednesday night

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