Saturday, July 10, 2004

4:54 pm
wazup peoples? i love my new template and stuff for my blog! you must comment on it now ok? ok. glad we got that under control. anywaysies--
yesterday was tres amusee!!! FUN! around 12ish went to marty and victor's house to swim!!! it was soo good to see the world (er, western US) travelers. i miss em when they are gone. we talked and discussed and swam a lot and ate hot dogs and swam some more. then addy called bc she had a sucky day what with winnie and paying $170 and all so we managed to have joanna bring her over, to make her feel all better! yayyayayay! so we all swam some more and ate yummy rice casserole and salad for dinner, ate ice cream, and then went over to our house. once there, we watched love actually = VERRRRY GOOD MOVIE you should all watch it if you have not yet. any romantic comedy in a big city like london or NYC. nice. we took em home round 11 pm or so.
this morning i woke up and showered and met katie at the crescent moon around 9:45! yayayay! we both had yummy pancakes and discussed school, summer, etc. etc. south africa, new zealand, LoTR, whateverness. she showed me a few rolls of her south africa travails! yay! and there were some youth xmas pics too and there is this GLORIOUS ONE of molls, david, me, austin, and katie. I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!! it is soooooo good. yay. ok. then we said ciao and nana, pop pop, mom, and dad picked me up in the cadillac (fine style) and we went to their house for a bit and while we did i got to see pictures of lilly cate (i finally have her named spelled right)-- she is gorgeous!!-- and millie came over to give blueberries to NN and PP! THAT was random, but cool! came home for a bit, then went back out to borders bc i had some gift cards. got "2nd helpings"-- EXCELLENT BOOK by megan mcafferty or however you spell it and then "princess in waiting", 4th princess diaries. mia ROCKS! so does jess darling. two of the best lit heroines OF ALL TIME. now i have been doing this and talking to addy, allie, LK, and now hallie. oh, news for any glisson LG 1,516 peoples (not that any of you read this but you are welcome to prove me wrong): rebekah is getting married!!!! eeeeeeeeee! dude that ROCKS.
ok that's all. COMMENT! i just think it's so cool that you can!
it just thundered and i am listening to #13 on beauty and the beast, aka the beast's song, aka the best song claire ever saw performed onstage with the verrry handsome alistair robbins and his piercing blue eyes in dublin on may 30, 2002. yeah. ok. I MISS IRELAND! :)

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Adrienne said...

ha your funny!