Saturday, July 31, 2004

4:23 pm
CAMP IS OVER! yay! :) i loved those kids but it was good to be done. and we got paid and today i got my working-the-polls check in the mail. anyway, camp lasted forever yesterday, of course, but afterwards we all went to melton's for lunch. their fries... mmmmmmm. then megs picked mase and i up to go take jello to chris's house since he just got his wisdom teeth out on tues. first we went the long way round (seriously, a circle towards the end) bc we kinda forgot where to go... and then they weren't home, and buffy's car was in the driveway but we saw and hung out with christina since she lives next door and all. we gave her the jello to keep for awhile til they get back from the lakehouse (where we found out they were). then megs dropped us at home and later i went to dinner and to the on the bricks concert with collective soul with robby and his parents. it was really, really fun. a nice night at centinnial. :) then this morning i woke up round 8:20ish and went to evan's with mom, dad, nana, and pop pop. yummmy pancakes best in the world i always say. then i dropped pics off at wolf (last ones!) and stopped by chapter 11, etc. then went home and have been cleaning etc bc robby is coming over for dinner tonight. wahooooo! so i need to go change and stuff. yepyep. peace out yall
ps-- good l

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