Tuesday, July 13, 2004

3:50 pm
hallo people. je suis fatiguee. parce que j'ai garde (accent aigu right there) beaucoup des enfants aujourd'hui. 10 2 year olds. ahh! they are sweet though. i enjoy teaching with kimberly a lot. yesterday i babysat kendall til 5 and then crashed on the sofa for the rest of the night pretty much, hehe. today i babysat her but only til 3ish. $45 in 2 days, yay! $$ = pictures developed, normally. hm i wonder what we are eating for dinner?... hungerrr. TOMORROW IS JULIA'S BIRTHDAY AND I NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HER! CRAP! haha. we're going to asheville on friday, yay! so yeah not much has happened... i am trying to think to make this interesting. ha, not working. too many people to see and too little time. school starts 4 WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY! DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! scaaaaaaaary. megs is in CA. allie is at camp. addy is home :) (not tomorrow afternoon.. YAY!). emmy is in costa rica. mollie is hoome i guess. marty is home. ok i am bored so i'm just listing where peoples are. lizzie is gonna go to FL soon, i lost count of the days. gaelic storm is a great band, you should listen to them. i want to play badminton and i should go swim. or make a cake for jules or something. ok that's all. LOVE,

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