Monday, July 19, 2004

3:31 pm
hi. the silly mouse is not working so i'm having to do it by hand (arrrgh! lazyness, hehe).. anyways. haven't posted in awhile. i spose i should begin with:
ASHEVILLE TRIP (7-16 to 7-18-04)
with: Julia and Barbara
to: Laura's house in Asheville
for: just plain relaxation, a bday trip for jules, and to see UNC-A
drove for several hours in friday afternoon traffic to get to asheville. arrived around 7:30ish at laura's house and got the grand tour, etc. it is a very nice house with a good backyard and stuff. i esp. like the basement where L's room is. it is a very lauraish room what with her old waterbed and such. her hair is so perfect for her too, all poofy from all the braids. the 4 of us went out to dinner at the laughing seed, a vegetarian place. i got grilled CA veggies or something and they were ok... not excellent. barbara got the same thing and hated it, it was quite funny. we laughed a lot and had a good time. the waitress came up and asked us if we were all barbara's daughters and we explained that i might as well be and she said that we all get along very well. that was a nice compliment. we walked around asheville that night, saw a drum circle (aka= lots of drummers like andy rogers and T.H.E. playing-- i think you can come with your own drum and join in whenever-- and sweaty people dancing around. quite interessant.), ducked in some shops and went to the teashop where there was this guy who looked like heath ledger to me that laura knows from UNCA and we bought plums and barbara bought tea and we stayed and talked to him for 45 minutes or so. then we stopped by ingalls on the way home and bought yummy ice cream. ate mint chocolate chip and moose tracks around midnight and then went to bed.
woke up around 10ish and walked to the market near laura's house that only comes on saturdays with her friend julia who was really, really nice and enjoyable company. jules and i bought a fresh baguette and garden vegetable cheese for culture and at first we bargained the cheese lady since we didn't have enough $$ but then we realized we did so jules felt bad and went back and gave her the right amount, hehe. i think we need culture french-style because we know that johanna and allie and raisa are all in france for a month or whatever. blech. LUCKIES. oh well. it was raining by this time and we walked back and made blueberry pancakes, and ate bread and cheese. we also saw/re-met danielle, a DHHS '03 grad that i knew by face but not in person. she's living with laura for the summer before she starts up again at GSU. she is really nice, i enjoyed her a lot. we went to the grove arcade and there were nice shops there and i bought some pretty dangly earrings for megs since she got me gorgeous jewelry in honduras and all i got her in FLA was a $2 flipflop keychain, hehe. there was this dude (really tall) in purple and black robes and a hood with his head bowed and you can't tell if he's a statue or not but if you put $$ in his basket he'll do stuff. it's straaaaaaaange. then we drove to the college (UNC-A) and laura gave us the informal tour. it looks ok, i think i'll check it out on the net just to be fair but it's really not very high up on my list. not like i have many places that ARE up high on my list so people just stop asking me WHERE I WANT TO GO!!!!! i'll figure it out, i promise! anyway we walked a LOT and visited the botannical gardens which were pretty and there was a wedding with celtic flute musique going on. barbara started doing her old garden dance routines:D. then we went back home and ate cheese, crackers, baguette, and ice cream for the afternoon and lazed around and slept and played taboo and talked about DHHS while it stormed. it was soooo cozy and nice. then we went to wally world as bob berglund calls it (aka walmart like normal people call it ;D) and L and J bought button making supplies while it poured and then we all went out to dinner at the yummylicious tupelo honey cafe. it was good. i had a yummy omelette and biscuits and potatoes and banana pudding for dessert. also tried some ice cream w/ honey on it = good. then we went home and MADE BUTTONS til midnight!! that was soooooooo fun i realllllly want a button maker now!  you can get em at walmart for $20 or so since they're a kids' toy-- i made about 10! ha. fun fun fun. enjoyed spending time w/ julia, laura, and danielle. yay. then slept around 12.
woke up at 10 again. ate leftovers for breakfast, packed, went on the rope swing in the backyard a little bit and then started off. met gabe and rebekah and LILY KATE!!!!!!! at the fireside cafe in hendersonville for brunch. YAYAYAY! i got to see the baby cousin before lots of peoples! haha. she is so cute. i had chocolate chip pancakes and we all had fun visiting. i took lots of pictures. mase's reaction to seeing pictures upon my arrival home: "ok you know what she's gonna say when she sees you when she's older? scary girl in white shirt trying to blind me." my lil bro has no appreciation for memories and photos. HRMPH. heh. that was tres amusee. glad to see some of my favorite people in the world. then relaxed/played taboo/slept on the way home. got home 'round 5ish, went to youth around 6:15. phew! sooo good to see everyone!! including megs, home from CA with crutches (poor darlin, she needs to keep that ankle in shape for v-ball camp and tryouts!) and molls!! yay!! and cole, ralph, the 06 crew sans vinnie gals and emmy, but candylander was there (yelling about his rocky road copies whoops) and marty and vic, george cav, rae, ann, beth, 2 new gals, bo, bob, kady, chris t., etc. etc. etc. etc. YAY! everyone yelled CLAIRE! when i walked in. lalalala hello home fries. we watched "what about bob" (tres funny film w/ bill murray and richard dreyfuss) and ate free pizza. then nathan drove megs and me over to the megses house and we hung out awhile before dad picked me up to go to...
ROBBY'S CONCERT-- at the shakespeare tavern downtown, next to the porn shop ;) (never forget ms. c-row's bus being parked in front of it last yr hehehehe and jeering at people going in) at roguefest which i guess is just a music festival where lotsa different bands play. his, unbounded sky, was the last at 9:30ish pm. we found his parents and sat upstairs w/ them and it was realllllllllllllllly a good show. he is incredible on drums, it's just insane. i don't think i could ever have that hand-eye coordination or anything that he has to be able to do that. it is one of my favorite things ever to watch him drum. at one point the other 2 members of the band went away for a bit and he just kept on, with his own kick-ass drum solo. yeeeeehah. then one of the songs they played was that one he plays on the keyboard all the time and i always get it stuck in my head except i couldn't remember the tune til now! yay! it was soooo much fun. he's so awesome, in more ways than one. yay again.
TODAY = blahhhhhhhhhhhh #1 didn't get enough sleep #2 16 2 1/2 yr old kids even with 4 adults, is TOUGH DUDE!!! jeez i keep wanting to call mccray flynn. ah well. then dr's appt., now  home and relaxin. tomorrow = working at the polls all day at dhhs w/ daddy, jules, andrew, etc. should be fun i hope. this weekend rocked!!

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