Wednesday, July 14, 2004

3:30 pm
aloha. well, i TRIED to exercise... oh well. today was tiring but good at camp, lotsa cute little kids. addy came to visit me at the end! yay. she has a very exciting thing to do today and i'm sure it will be verry successful. then i came home and ate a yummy coconut fruit bar thing and walked to the pool bc i figure i better start getting in shape now for the season even if it starts nearly november or so. i would like to feel better (as in healthwise) at the very beginning. so i get to the pool and of course-- i should have thought of this-- there are a bazillion little kids splashing and thrashing and crashing. so i get about a 200 done (and a very measly one if i do say so myself), weaving in and out of kids everywhere and then gave up and walked home. grrowl. i really wanted to swim a mile somehow. i bet the early part of the day is the quietest part but problemo-- i work in the mornings! grr. oh well. happy birthday julia! i am going over to her house later to celebrate but i was gonna wait for mason since he's out with mom. i am listening to the remember the titans soundtrack now- it reminds me of 2 summers ago, '02. it was filmed at my high school and middle school. yeah devils and dragons! hehe. anywaysies. that's all. j'ai faim (for addy, that's i'm hungry hehe). PEACE OUT DUDES

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