Friday, July 16, 2004

2:53 pm
whoaaaaa!!! the font and everything about posting is now different! COOOOOL! ok, anyway. la dee da. it is FRIIIIIIIIIDAY which = no summersaults for 2 whole days! haha. and for those 2 days i'll be in asheville and out of pocket anyway, so yeah. jules and barbara should be coming in the next few minutes and i'm excited bc i've never been to asheville before and i've heard it's a tres cool town. i am hungry. and sleepy. sunday night is robby's concert, which i am also tres excited about. i will miss everyone while i'm gone... i hope megs has a good trip and addy has fun at boy scout camp and such. yawn. those little kids are tiring but cute-- dougie is adorable! i really want to be able to post pics on here and i will experiment with that when i come back. 3 months from tomorrow is my birthday!! :) talk to yall when i get back, love

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Adrienne said...

Claire I'm not going to see you for awhile. I miss you and I need you right now because some stuff has happened between him and I and I am confused and scared. I dont know what to do or think. Call me if you can on my cell. I love you.