Saturday, July 03, 2004

2:40 pm
yo dudes, didn't you miss me muchly? count the ways... 1...2...3...a bazillion.. i know, i know. well, i'm here and i won't be goin anywheres for awhile sooo yeah.
jax was muchos fun, lotsa cousins and aunts and uncles and carrabbas and shrimp and the beach and st. augustine and stufff. and SPIDERMAN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! it was sooo incredibly awesome. *SPOILERS* i was going to cry if it weren't for the ending. his life is soo dang sad, everything that went wrong could!**end** tobey mcguire is really cute, but james franco... can we just say HOT?!?! (yes, we can) it was fun-- went to see it with mom, masey, pam, abs, and uncle bill. we got home from the big FLA about an hour ago.
my uncle jamie died yesterday. that makes me sad. he just turned 85 last friday, the 25th. he was a great man, and he did a lot of great things. he had a great booming laugh and voice and always said "tell it all, tell it all." his house in rising fawn was beautiful, and his beach cottage in panama city IS. he was GA congressman and he did a lot for the GA nature conservancy and he received the first ever "history makers award" from the old county courthouse 2 years ago. when we went sailing on his boston whaler or on the pontoon boat at panama city when i was little, he would always shriek "yee hee!" or something indescribable like that. he was a really cool person and i am sorry that he is gone.
i am happy to be home, though. tonight we may go see nana. then tomorrow is independence day... i'll get to see addy and allie and hopefully katie and mollie who is home from TIP (? i think?) etc... but not robby bc he is out of town *sigh* oh well, some other time this week.
that's about it... no, wait, the indigo gals ROCK, i really actually need to get some of their CDs. they put on a great show, all they say between songs is "thanks" or "thanks, yall!" (that's what emily said each time) they both have really powerful and strong voices but in different ways. i just think it is the coolest thing in the world that they started out on the playground at LRS, my elem. school too! and then they went to SMS except it was SHS at the time... emily's prom date was at the concert! and then amy said "our track coach is here... coach buell..." and it was funny bc coach buell was a PE coach when i was there but not mine. she just retired i think. and then they asked if anyone else went to SHS but i didn't say anything bc i DIDN'T, i went to the middle school. if they had asked about lil ole laurel ridge that would've been cool though. seeing katie was really nice too, i've missed my nonbiological big sis while she's been off in S. africa!
oh yeah and of course the fam reunion was great too. i adore sunset and i really, really hope that we keep going there. dad and alice took over for nana and i will be recruited to assist. aunt mary had a stroke that same afternoon (she wasn't at the reunion) so ian, jincy, caleb, john, and lucille didn't come like they were sposed to and carol, etc. left early sun. morning to drive to charlotte. but gabe and bekah were there, and dan and leeanne, will, alice, etc. etc. and beau came too. and shannon, sarah, nathan. so the kids and beau had a really good time playing mafia and then killer. i really enjoy getting closer and closer to my cousins on those sides, my 2nd and 3rd (will); we had a great time last year and this year too. :-)
ok, seriously, NOW that's it... i'm a bit hungry.
ps. we also went to books-a-million and i bought and read the 4th GA nicolson book "dancing in my nuddy-pants"; i will forever be grateful to louise rennison for cracking me up to high heaven. and then "whalerider"; i didn't know that the movie was based on a book! i love the movie and the book was awesome too. we need to rent the movie again. MARTY AND VIC ARE COMING HOME WEDNESDAY! YAYAYAYAY!!!!

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