Saturday, July 24, 2004

2:31 pm
now let's see if i can write about wednesday thru today without my stupid keyboard screwing up. NOT, it already happened. oh well.
summersaults of course. but we got to leave earlier, like at 12:40, so we could go home, change into nice churchy funeral clothes and then go back to glenn. it was really a fun afternoon!! LOTSA family came, i think it was in a way convienient (not good at all, but convienient) that aunt mary's funeral was on monday in NC bc lotsa people who came down for that just stayed around and drove over here for wednesday's services for uncle jamie. so i got to see mary lynn, her friend jane (whom i probably saw 10 years ago last time at david and kel's wedding), johnny, johnny and lucille, ian, jincy, caleb, SEAN!!!!! (one of the best guys ever-- hadn't seen him since last year at the reunion), carol, bob, donald, anna laura, lynn, lolly, bob, ryan, donjr, bruce, joan, sarah (shannon showed at nana's later but i had to go to the baseball game so we couldn't hang out long unfortunately), eddie, diania, logan, kathy, jim, sara (bless her heart), etc. etc. if i forgot any i will add them later. we met in the paror in the church school bldg. and chatted for awhile and then wesley came in (back from tortolla) and did his thing (aka a prayer with us) and then we all walked over to the sanctuary and went in together. i have not been to many funerals in my lifetime thankfully, sambo and dandy's (my great-grandparents) are the only ones i can remember and i was like 4 yrs old and 10 yrs old. this was a great service of celebration. but first, when we walked in, everyone was standing up and the bottom of the church was FULL. it was awesome! we took up the first 3 rows or so in the middle section. i love my big boistrous family and it was a treat to see so many people i didn't expect to see for awhile, even though it took uncle jamie's death to bring them all here. it was a great service though. good songs, steve did a great solo, saxophone by john patton, etc. daddy read something calvin kytle wrote and max cleland was there and spoke as well. bev jones did a wonderful "eurology," hehe. so, good everything. UGH THIS KEYBOARD IS SO SCREWED UP!!!! anyway. then the family processed out of the church first and over to the fellowship hall for the reception. one of the first people to walk in after us was ROBBY!!! he came to the whole service! that made me so happy (just to reiterate, as i've said it lots to him already) and surprised and  happy and stuff. :) so i pointed out a few family members but not all bc that would just be over the head of anyone and we hung around for awhile and then he had to go but it made me so happy to see him and for him to come just made my day. yay. then sean had to leave to go to the airport (oh, earlier ME: sean, we played mafia this year but it just wasn't the same without you! so you must come next year HIM: i know, i know, i'm working on it) and told me to come visit them in boston and i said in the next 2 yrs i promised i would and he said deal and then he said "and stop growing up and stuff, it's freaking me out. even though i'm not even 30 yet." ME: yeah, but you've lost all your hair. HIM: shut up, i shaved it. ME: but it hasn't grown back has it? heehee. he ROCKS, my 2nd cousin with a hint of a british accent juggler and world traveler and bungie jumper extraordinaire. then we went to NN and pop pop's for awhile with food and family and stuff. then daddy and i went to the braves game! we lost to the pirates but it was fun anyway. at first we had nosebleed seats but then it happened that lolly, bob, and ryan were there as well and they had much better seats so we walked down there and ryan met us with 2 of their ticket stubs for us to show the ushers and we got to sit behind home plate from the 5th inning on!!! WOW! i've never been  that close, ever, except when i walked around the field for girl scout day with lizzie, hehe. awesome dude. then that night robby and i talked for a good long while which was really enjoyable and made me feel so much better and so lucky to have him. YAY :)
THURSDAY= camp, then a beth appt. which was good, then pool swimming- i got to go in at adult swim and got 22 laps done! wahoo! hehe
YESTERDAY= camp, home for a while, then to robby's house because it was his birthday and we hung out and ate hamburgers with his parents and watched "seinfeld" and had carrot cake and set up his new record/CD player/radio and relaxed and talked and watched the end of "the manchurian candidate" on PBS and then talked more. then they took me home. that was really wonderful, i enjoyed it so much. :) yay. again.
TODAY SO FAR = had to get up at 8 and then we picked up megs and ate breakfast at the crescent moon and then i got my haircut. i like it, it looks good. SURPRISE for everyone tomorrow, hahaha. now i've been relaxing watching "almost famous" etc.
gotta go!

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