Wednesday, July 28, 2004

2:15 pm
today was a good camp day. really hyper kids but for some reason i really enjoyed being there. tonight i think megs may come over or something, not sure yet. school is coming so fast which scares me. blahhh! seems like just yesterday it was ooover. oh well. should be fun, hopefully. maybe i'll go swim in awhile. BUSY DAYS AHEAD: thurs= coffee w lester (???), beth appt., brusters with jessie. fri= melton's for lunch with staff, concert w robby. sat= cleaning lots bc robby is coming over for dinner (maybe i'll pull an allie and actually cook :D) sun=normalcy which is always busy and then youth FINALLY. dad is coming home today!! yayayay. mason bought "hellboy." i need to clean my room. and organize things. i like organizing them but i usually don't do much with it after that. sorry, that made no sense. i need to buy a scrapbook to put virgin island pictures in!!! that will be my end-of-summer project. *sniff*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!!! 22. wow. i can't wait to see a picture of him and lily kate.
ps-- i learned how to email digital pictures!!

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