Monday, July 26, 2004

1:51 pm
i tell you, this keyboard is going to drive me up the wall. DAMN YOU KEYBOARD!!! grrr. ok. the rest of sat. i went shopping and stuff. not much exciting. ok on to yesterday, which was nice. except 1st i slept til 9:30 so we were in a dash to get out of the house and to sunday school. then we got to the yaab and jack and i talked for a minute about my writing and then megs, allie, and addy run out of the bldg. and start MAULING me bc they wanted me to take down my ponytail to show my new haircut. well, that was a nice welcome my girls. but it worked, haha. those present: said ladies, my bro, robby :), candylander, bo, and mac. think that's all. i gave robby his real present (gaelic storm cd and chocolate) and megs brought krispy kreme and we put candles in one of them, haha. then we just hung around and talked and some people sat on megses car and listened to her "spiderman 2" cd. then we walked over to church. nice service. baptism and such. afterwards, i introduced robby to nana and pop pop and then my fam and i went to lunch at the club. yummmy. then we went home and relaxed and stuff. i cleaned my room a little bit. at 6 we went to megses house... rob and chris were already there (rob's in town for 2 weeks-- gasp!!) showing philmont pics etc. then robby, marty, and vic. we went downstairs and some played silly ping pong and looked at comp. downloads. then we started watching "paycheck" and allie, addy, and candler came along to join us. it was all verry enjoyable. the vinnies had to leave around 9 so after the movie M and vic left and then rob, mase, megs, and chris played "german ping pong" (you hit someone on the back if they lose 3 pts or something) while robby and i watched. it was hilarious. then robby left, then we left, and we had to drive home in the verry stormy and lightningy and rainy weather!! yyeesh. today at work was loooong and we only had 11 chilluns but 1 of em is a real trip. THIS FREAKIN KEYBOARD IS SOOOOO DAMN ANNOYING!!!!!! blech. i need to go do something constructive now, ok, peace out dudes

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