Thursday, July 08, 2004

1:46 pm
this is a test to see if i have successfully added comments to this webpage. so then i will not have to switch to livejournal but will still have the ability to have mes amis talk to me.
wow, i am listening to the spivey concert from 2001. CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY! it sounds really professional. that was a fun honor chorus.
on monday, megs and family and our family and henry (who is practically our family) went to see spiderman 2. we were gonna go to the 5 pm show but it was sold out so we got pizza in the food court and went to the 6:15 show. tres amusant. i loooove that movie!!!!!!!!!!!! yay.
then tuesday i went to megs' house early and allie came over too and we hung out a bit and looked at pictures, then went and got her honduras pics w/ kirsten and then we all went to honduras outreach and then K too us to mick's for lunch!!!! yummmm. that was reallllly nice. went back over there for a bit and then went home. god be w/ them driving to CA starting yesterday.
yesterday i found out lily cate was born (catherine with a "c" apparently) and went shopping with mom and got lots of pictures developed. they are good. i esp. like the ones from the end of school and youth. great pics of me and paul and then one excellent one of david, me, and chris-- my big bros, how i love them. along w/ austin, rob, robert, eric, etc. at night we went to the laser show with youth. very tiring going up the mtn. but nice getting down and resting and watching the show. devil went down to GA rocks, i need to learn the words.
today i woke up and went to a session w/ beth and we did yoga and breathing on the floor!! she is too cool. i really enjoy her. then we went and got more pics, then to blockbuster and rented "whalerider" and "love actually" and to chik-fil-a. talked to victor a bit bc THEY ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! addy and i tried to leave a funny message yesterday but their phone and mess. machine are not working, grrrowl. i am happy they're home though.
peace out dudes


Claire said...

wow, it works!!! :)

Claire said...

testing testing testing -clairey

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Adrienne said...

Hey C. This is funnn. I dont know what I'm going to do with this boy. I love you. See you tomorrow! P.S. we should do something for "youth".