Monday, July 05, 2004

12:47 pm
happy day-after fourth yall. GOD BLESS THE USA! molly ivins, this columnist in the paper sometimes, wrote THE BEST editorial ever. i looooooved it. if yall get the ajc by any chance, it's in today's in the back of the main section. yay molly ivins.
my brother has just taken "newsies" out of my cd case and put it on. wow. didn't expect it and haven't heard it in quite awhile. ahh 8th grade, haha. sykes: he's got no place to go. kelly: heck, he can come home with ME! even 2 years later, still one of the best quotes ever. anyways.
yesterday i went to "sunday school" which was technically starbucks with allie, addy, molls (home from TIP!), and dear bob. allie had pics from camp so i got to see "the cutest guy alive" her bf chris. and others. then we went to church but i sat with my family bc it was the 4th and nana really needs some support right now what with uncle jamie's death. it was a really, really good service. wesley wasn't there (tortolla i believe instead) and bill and connie ran the whole service. if they did that every sunday, i truly would not mind. speaking of wesley, i really want to respond to his little blow-off comment he sent about a month ago but has it totally gone dry now? hrm... anyway, we got out at 12 pm AND it was a communion day!! OH SHOCK AND DISBELIEF! bill preached a very nice independence day sermon and at the end we sang "america (my country tis of thee)" and it made me cry. that song is so beautiful and the words echo through me. katie was there! then nana, pop pop, mom, dad, and i went to cafe lilly's for lunch. it was realllllly good, i had never been there before. i had a gyros (yee-ro) sandwich. very yummy. then mom, dad, and i went home and i hung out and such, got on the comp. a bit.. wrote some too. then it started storming a lot and it was really nice but then the power went out for awhile, which was actually cool. then it came back on and i made mom watch baz luhrmann's "romeo and juliet". it is made SO WELL but it is SOOOOOO DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. leo always seems to play lovers that are really stupid at their desperate points. "uhh... juliet, why art thou yet so fair? your lips are still warm, your features look alive, blahblahblah..." uhm MAYBE BECAUSE SHE'S ALIVE SMART ONE! "uhh... rose, yeah, get up on that door floating in the water... ok.. now i'll try to get on... ahh, it's sinking! ok, fine. yeah, i'll just sit here in the freezing water.. i won't make you sit up and give me space so we can spend the rest of our lives together... i'm a survivor... oops, starting to freeze here. bye bye." but that does not mean he is not totally fine and hot in these two movies, which he is... ahhh. okay anyway.
aunt mary died yesterday. jeez. 2 great relatives in 3 days. poor leland. bless them all, amen.
then i channel surfed some while dad and mase were out and then we ate willy's and watched "charade" with cary grant and audrey hepburn. it was realllllllly good and actually i haven't finished watching it bc at 10:45 pm or so, dad and i drove... the airport!! why? to meet megs and the honduras people and surprise them (i love surprises)! i was very happy daddy agreed to do that. they were sposed to get in at 11:15 pm and so we were waiting at the top of the escalator with kitty and lynette and then kady comes TEARING around the corner-- "ok, where did you come from??" apparently AA has their own little baggage claim way downstairs. so kady led us down an escalator that was actually the wrong one :) so then we went down the RIGHT one, walked straight a littleways, and then i see them all and yell HEY GLENN! and megan shrieks and comes RACING towards me and nearly knocks me down when she hugs me. YAY!!! I LOVE SURPRISING PEOPLE!! daniel, reid, laura, bo, nathan, ben, amy, chris, beth m. (wow, long time no see), ben, matt, etc. etc. lotsa lotsa fun. we took kirsten, dennis, and megs home and got to hear some about the trip and megs gave me a gorgeous bracelet and a flipflop necklace! and i gave her... a flipflop keychain from st. augustine. wow. haha. it was so good to see them all. we got home around 12:30ish and i went to sleep and slept til around 11:15 this morning, waking up bc i had a headache so i took some motrin. later megs, henry, mase, mom, dad, and i are going to see spiderman 2!!!! yayayayay. and on wed. youth is going to the laser show @ stone mtn. so it's all good. i am so glad daddy took me to the airport to surprise everyone. that was funnnn...
ps. oh yes, a verrry funny story from the fam. reunion: the first night, mom and i were in our bathroom brushing our teeth and all and mason comes in with a sour look on his face, pursing his lips. "i think i need to spit." us: why? "because that mint on the pillow tastes HORRIBLE!" okay. the "mint" is rectangular, bigger than a mint, and has the name "pink bouquet" or something. HE BIT INTO SOAP! so now we all tease him about it. it's quite amusing. ok that's all. :) LOOVE ME

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