Tuesday, July 13, 2004

10:23 pm
tonight was really fun.
elleny came over and we made a chocolate fudge pie for julia since her birthday is tomorrow, the big 1-7! yay!! anyway, it was hilarious bc LN put in too much cocoa powder ;) so we just added more sugar... and we hung around and talked while it cooked. then we drove over to julia's house and gave it to her. the candles we put in were MELTING through to their strings, it was quite amusing. so we took them out even though wax was left in the pie and we ate some and put powdered sugar on it and drank frappachinos and milk and talked about dhhs xangas and ljs and stuff. quite fun with two great gals that i love verry much. then i borrowed "amelie" and some babysitters' club bks from jules bc they are so hilariously corny although they used to be my LIFE as a kid and i wanna reread them during the summer. then ellen drove me back home and i've been relaxing and such. FUN NIGHT! it seems like something that would come out of a girl power movie or a novel or something but i like it. good times with my girls. yawn. i would really like to see robby and it sucks that i'm not going to the baseball game thurs. and that he has to practice for his concert. ah well. gnight all, muchos amore
ps-- also got an email from megs in san fran... and emailed her back, i'm really glad we've been keepin in touch while she's in the midst of her non-stop traveling. can't wait to see pics of di w/ short hair in her green starbucks apron! my voluptuous woman always :) 'night

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