Tuesday, July 27, 2004

10:20 pm
yawn. je suis fatiguee. but it has been a nice and productive day. went to summersaults and saw ALEX! yay. the day was pretty good, busy, cloudy but not RAINY, etc. then went home and watched some television and took a nap, then decided to actually EXERCISE!!! *gasp* i did a power walk with the weights, then decided i should swim so threw on my suit, and walked fast down to the pool and got in a 200 (8 laps) breast stroke in 10 minutes before adult swim and then went back home to shower and go to the strebels' house for dinner. that was fun. matt is at cross country camp and their dad is outta town (and so is ours) so it was rose, iona, dash, and us and our doggies! because they have a little thin version of tansy, sophie. she is adorable and thin as a rail!! then they have liam who is 11 and like a black retriever type. it was a fun and  yummy dinner. they are such enjoyable people. now we are home and i was talking to my darlings allie and addy but now just robby, which of course is not bad at all. :) yawwwn. i am glad i exercised today. i am going to rest soon. obama is cool. if you missed his speech at the convention, you shouldn't have. i like him.
ps- for 2 yrs straight i have kept journals all the way through

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