Wednesday, June 02, 2004

9:56 pm
wow, the past 24 hours have been quite eventful. last night masey and i went over to the dear megses house to spend the night. we played ping pong, darts, talked a LOT, and finally retired around 2:30 or so... mase to diane's vacant room and megs and i to hers. megan and i did not get a WINK of sleep. it is my first all-nighter!! haha. but it was soooooooooo worth it. i adore my megan so, so, so much. we talked about a lot of things that needed talking about and we watched the many devoted runners running by her window at 5:30 in the morning. it was a great time and it was much needed. i pray so much that we will always be friends. i know we will. we played cards around 6:30 in the morning (she beat me @ ERS-- haha, henry and mason-- and gin or rummy or gin rummy or whatever it's called lots of times) and went to starbucks w/ kirsten and mason around 7:30ish. that's when we both started zonking out. i was soooo tired. we went back to her place and i got about 15 minutes of shut-eye on her wonderfully comfy couch before mommy came and took us away to pat's for an appointment... and then home. i crashed in bed and felt really bad, my stomach was gurgly and blaaah feeling. i lay around most of the day really disoriented and stuff and finally showered and robby and i went and saw shrek 2. we actually ate pizza in the food court first, and then saw the movie. it was a lot of fun, i really and truly enjoyed his company. (note: allie, addy, megs, molls, etc. insert: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW here-- i know yall, my gals, i know you are doing it!) then we walked back to my house (i have now walked from the mall to my house! i feel so accomplished!). he is going to CA tomorrow for a week or so but i definitely want to see him when he gets back. when i got home, i got my grades- all As, 92 in chem, i love you ms. t-sang!!! reminds me, i need to email her... then megs called and i talked to her and we figured out that us, allie, and addy are going to see azkaban on friday @ 3 pm. YESSSSSSSS. oh, and maggie called earlier, she can come to the LoTR symphony sat. night!! I AM SO PSYCHED!! hehehe. great week. andrew is coming tomorrow!!! tomorrow megan is coming over too and we will rent "intolerable cruelty" and "win a date with tad hamilton" etc. and have fun like we always do. and now i am talking to my dearest allie and my darling squishy who came up with a very interesting poem.. hehe. i love them both so much and i KNOW that they can get thru school!!! 2 days ladies!!!! man my mouth tastes like pepsi/sprite bc that is what i drank a lot of today since my stomach was so gurglyish. but i am better now and i need to SLEEEEEEEEEEP! god-- thank you so much for my awesome friends and family and for SUMMER!!!
satisfied my addy? hehe jk guys jk

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