Wednesday, June 23, 2004

9:39 pm
long time no write...
what did i do yesterday that is worth mentioning?... went to nana and pop pop's for most of the afternoon and watched tv, folded towels, typed, which "earned" me $20. haha yeah, i'll be going back there to actually earn it next week or so. then i went home and went straight to SMS to walk with lizzie for awhile. it was really good to catch up.
today i slept til 11:30 (ahhh) and went to the youth lunch bunch at panera. we actually ate at the yaab. then addy, mason, and i walked to her house and hung out there for awhile since mom had a mtg. at dhhs at 2:30 for masey's schedule (he has all my old teachers!! awww) and then we went to nana and pop pop's for a bit. then went to wolf to pick up pictures for me (they look really good), and i actually get free doubles bc the lady thought that the quality could be better so she is printing them again for free!! yesssssssss baby. then went home and called ellen and she came over! she just left 15 minutes ago. we talked and shared pictures about yellowstone and the virgin islands and then just talked. it was really, really good to catch up with her. we will always have a special bond. we ate chicken pie for dinner too. yummmm. and ice cream.. 3 in the USVI...
decided to scrap a historical presentation at anaberg and instead spend the morning at the beach. yay! laid out some and talked to rae and others, twas very enjoyable. also hung out with ann. around 3ish we went into the town of cruz bay and stayed there all afternoon. addy, megs, and i walked around together; megs, christinia, and laine got their hair braided. we shopped and got lots of good merchandise (hehe) and took funny pictures. around 6:30 we went to polli's, a mexican place, bc they were the only place that could hold us. it was really yummy but it took us about 2 1/2 hrs to eat all together. then we went back to the campground and hung out.

masey wants to get on...

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