Friday, June 04, 2004

9:39 pm
aloha, this afternoon megs and i went to panera for a short lunch and then went and picked up the dear allie and addy and we went to see harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.
i must say that it was definitely better than the first 2. cuaron is a better director i think. the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and a lot more rugged highlandsish. harry and ron are FINE, but ron (aka rupert grint) is soooo dang hot. wooooww. "the spiders... making me tap dance!" "you tell those spiders, ron." emma watson is still really annoying to me but she was ok. fred and george grew their hair!! they look a lot cuter now. they're hilarious. i actually liked lupin's actor... he was good. sirius' gary oldman was ok, but to me he should have been younger. i dunno, it was good and a lot better but the 3rd is my fave and nothing can do it justice on film, only in my mind.. hehe. ok that's all i am sleepy and am gonna try and get a good night's sleep (ha!)
ps-- now it's 9:55 pm

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