Wednesday, June 09, 2004

7:40 pm
well here it is, adrienne darling! just for you, hehe. today was... good but tiring. went to panther creek falls w/ amy, addy, megs, sheridan, chris, candler, liz, katie ob, sydney, annalee, anna n-d, etc. etc. etc. it was fun and gorgeous and greeeen and we got in the waterfalls and stuff. and uhhh we ate lunch and we slept and were really, really tired, oh and we discussed wesley too... and we went to dairy queen and the lovely addy and megs gave me money and i got a triple chocolate utopia. yummmmmmm. then we got home @ 6:30 and pop pop drove me home and mom said that dad's briefcase got stolen while he was outta town and he lost his cell phone and work's laptop etc. etc.... ahhhgh be with him god. and then the jetta started smoking apparently and so it's in the shop AGAIN... blaah. i am glad i wasn't around for all that. now i am home and i want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep... :) love,
and i need to PACK! dang it and get stuff to jack...

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