Sunday, June 20, 2004

5:32 pm
hallo guys. today has been really good so far. it was lester's last sunday so we sang that surprise josh groban song and his sermon rocked. lotsa peoples cried and i didn't but in a way i really wanted to; sometimes it feels like a cry is just needed at a certain point, but oh well. anyway, then after 10:50 (which lasted about 30 minutes longer than normal which was fine bc it was all about lester) there was a little reception thing and then mom, dad, and i went to publix and got a sandwich and came home. i've been watching "friends" and "austin powers" and reading "the 5 people you meet in heaven". interestingly good book. tonight (in an hour) is lester's party at george's. yay!! yaaaaaaaaawn HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

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