Monday, June 21, 2004

5:05 pm
yesterday evening was fun as well. i love george's house so much. went over there for lester's goodbye party; lots of people were there, a really good crowd, mainly VI peoples too which was good. and robby of course, which is always good. ate reallly excellent food and cake and gave lester his presents and took pictures and talked. hung out til around 9ish and then went home. went to bed by 10:45 which was good bc i had to get up early (groan) to get to an orthodonist appt. at 9:30. i don't have to wear rubberbands anymore and they say i am ahead of schedule for getting them off!! eeee!! ooo excitement. then i went home and took a nap on the sofa til 12ish. then i watched junk tv and such... there was a huge thunderstorm too. i baked bannock, that really good fried bread that could be lembas bread, and watched a different world. i need to do some constructive things like call ellen and stuff. today is rebekah's 30th birthday. yay! i cannot wait for the family reunion this weekend either, i love junaluska and sunset and it is all so comforting and wonderful. mom's birthday is thursday.

ok, back to the USVI :) :
monday, june 14-- awoke and felt kinda nauseous, i think bc you know that feeling when you feel sick just because you haven't eaten anything all night and you should but you feel sick so you don't want to? i felt that way for a bit, but then got some food down and we went on our reef bay hike. the guide, pat, was really nice, but longwinded. we stopped like every 5 or 10 minutes to hear something new about this or that tree, bush, plant... plus it was hot and we were carrying backpacks. my camera battery died halfway thru which pissed me off so i started taking pics with my disposable. we ate lunch at petroglyphs and then hiked to the beach and sugar mill ruins and took a ferry back to cruz bay-- to get to the ferry we had to ride a little dingy out to it! so cool. the ferry captain was really cool, ann talked to him a lot. he said he'd just graduated from penn state but had lived here since he was 2 and definitely liked it in the VI better than the states. then we got to cruz bay and went back to the campsite, where we went to the beach and relaxed... and i was still pissed bc my camera battery was screwing up. oh well... that night, lester and mac cooked burgers, dogs, and mahi mahi (all 3 of which were excellent). then when it got dark, we all sat around the table and rae got us started asking guy-girl questions. it was hilarious and there was actually a lot of feedback going on. all of that turned into a "walkoff": the girls had to do their model walks and the guys judged, and the 3 best (rae, laine, and liz) had to do their normal walks. liz won! then the guys had to do their struts and normals and out of hamp, matt, and ben, matt won. it was all soooo funny. it was a great way to take up the evening. i really enjoy rachel's company a lot. i used to look up to her so much when she was in youth. then we went to the beach and stargazed a bit, and still talked about guys and girls; lester told us how he met pat and how he proposed to her. soo romantic, hehe. then we went to bed...

that's all for now. LlllOOOOOOOVveeee

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