Tuesday, June 08, 2004

2:46 pm
let's see, i left off around sunday night soo... we had a water fun night @ youth which basically consisted of playing capture the flag with water balloons and then an all-out water fight at the end. man, those guys truly had it in for megan, and then i thought i was safe but... noooooooo thanks to ben and reid and chris etc. oh well i love em anyways. then i went home and watched the tonys (did not know idina menzel was maureen in rent, very cool, congrats to her and hugh etc. etc.) and megs came over to spend the night. she gave me a massage! and it was very good, yay megan. yesterday her, me, andrew, and masey went to home depot and publix and then to her house to paint the fence with sheridan, katie w., chris, and LK. then we went to a summersaults meeting and then mase went back over and they ended up going to see harry potter 3 but i came home and made dinner and watched tv and my junk tv, "for love or money" hahaha i loooove that show. at the beginning i liked rachel but not anymore, she's a bitch. andrea is annoying... i'm rooting for PJ. hehe man soo shallow. oh well. today i've been cleaning my room, it looks nice i think. and i NEED to get "casey" ready for jack by thursday!! tomorrow i am hiking all day w/ youth @ panther creek falls, sounds fun. and i must pack as well for the VIRGIN ISLANDS BABY! and i finished "under the tuscan sun". 2 yrs ago today eric and laura got married! that was a funnn day. ok peace


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