Sunday, June 06, 2004

2:23 pm
ok this is just a little thing i got from mollie's lj
Last Cigarette: never have and never will b/c #1- I have asthma #2- it’s illegal #3- it’s GROSS! And there are zillions of other reasons too.
Last Alcoholic Drink: I do not drink
Last Car Ride: from the farmer’s market to home this afternoon
Last Kiss: never… *sigh*
Last Good Cry: not in awhile, I can’t pin down the last specific time… sometime within the last 2 months of school I guess.
Last Library Book checked out: something for school probably.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Last Book Read: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Last Movie Rented: Intolerable Cruelty and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Last Cuss Word Uttered: probably a damn here or there
Last Beverage Drank: iced tea
Last Food Consumed: an ice cream sandwich
Last Crush: the one I’m going out with
Last Phone Call: to Mollie’s mom last night
Last TV Show Watched: “Friends” I’m guessing
Last Time Showered: yesterday
Last Shoes Worn: my slippers, now
Last CD Played: Celtic Harp to fall asleep to
Last Item Bought: a bagel and hot chocolate
Last Download: well Megs helped download All-American Rejects for Mason or maybe that was burning, so I dunno
Last Annoyance: driving
Last Disappointment: no famous actors @ LoTR symphony last night ;)
Last Soda Drank: pepsi (gasp!)
Last Thing Written: parentheses
Last Key Used: space
Last Word Spoken: computer
Last Sleep: 12 am- 8:40 am
Last IM: probably allie or addy
Last Sexual Fantasy: hahahaha
Last Weird Encounter: I haven’t had one recently
Last Ice Cream Eaten: the vanilla between my ice cream sandwich
Last Time Amused: anytime being with Megs and Addy which was this morning
Last Time Wanting To Die: never really
Last Time In Love: not yet…
Last Time Hugged: when I got home
Last Time Scolded: not lately
Last Time Resentful: I dunno
Last Chair Sat In: this swiveling one
Last Lipstick Used: my “Restless” one
Last Underwear Worn: the ones now
Last Bra Worn: ditto
Last Shirt Worn: black tank top

ok back to last night = HOWARD SHORE CONCERT @ SYMPHONY HALL!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It was soooo amazing. It was incredible to see him live, conducting his own written work. And the music was just gorgeous, and i know where most of it comes in the movies cause i have the soundtracks and stuff. he was really enthusiastic and the audience was too. the choirs were great and the musicians of course as well. and sissel, the vocalist, she was gorgeous in looks and in vocal abilities. i got her autograph after the show! it was cool. the lighting was neat too, when they were @ khazad-hum or however you spell it, there were flames all around the stage. and alan lee and john howe's art was a great addition. alan lee was actually there! the music was gorgeous and maggie and my parents enjoyed it as much as i did. katie and jean were there too! and there were these really annoying girls in front of us who kept turning around and giggling.. grrrowl. hehe. howard shore came back 3 times at the end cause no one stopped clapping. YAY! i was happy. it was great.
today was church and ss... normal and fine. tonight is play-with-water night!! oooeee.
a week from today = VIRGIN ISLES! :)

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