Friday, June 04, 2004

11:35 am
good morning everybody, and how are we all today?
today is a very exciting day because it = HARRY POTTER #3 DAY!!!
megs, allie, addy, and i are going to go see it at 3 today. we already got advanced tickets, ooooh!! hehe. i am excited but also hope that cuaron did it justice because it is my favorite of the 5 books (for yalls info, claire's favorite HP books in order from best to worst: 3, 4, 5, 2, 1) and i already know that i imagine sirius and lupin and everyone in different ways. but i've heard nothing but good things about it sooo... plus, daniel and rupert have gotten hot! always a good reason to go see a movie of course. so that'll be fun. the megses and i are gonna go eat lunch beforehand too. and it's the last jour of school for those private schoolers! hahaha.
yesterday twas nice as well. andrew is here!! yess. i always enjoy it when he is here. he makes normal things more exciting. and he usually comes at the end of the summer so it is nice to have him here towards the beginning. and then megs came over and we went to the mall and got HP tickets and also to blockbuster and rented "win a date with tad hamilton" and "intolerable cruelty." we hung out outside in the front yard on her car while andrew and mase endangered cars, mailboxes, and old folks as they threw the racquetball in the street. then we walked to sarah's for a bit, then came home and hung out and acted silly... then watched "WADWTH"... cute movie-- yay topher grace! he is hot and megs and i both decided we would rather have a smooth surprise kiss like he gave the gal. tad really wasn't that hot. hehehe. and we ate yummy lasagna for dinner. then we watched intolerable cruelty which was... ehhhh, not great, not one of george's (who ages very well, hehe megan) best. catherine z-j is sooo dang gorgeous, wow. then we hung out downstairs w/ the guys and then went upstairs and talked. i love having megan over so much. and of course we listened to evita. hehe. this morning i had a dr.'s appt. and now je suis here. later megs and i will eat lunch and then go pick up the dear vinnies. sunday = breakfast for me and my molls. i love my girls, mom laughed when i called them "my girls" in the car, but it's true because they are and there is nothing else to call them if not my sisters. OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY
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