Saturday, June 19, 2004

10:40 pm
je suis fatiguee.
i would write more about the amazing VI trip but i think i'll save that for later...
today went to a practice for lester's surprise thing (YAY! I AM SOOO PSYCHED!) at 10 with joan and allie, addy, etc. etc. that song is gorgeous and i am so excited for tomorrow, it is gonna rock beyond all things. then went home for awhile and ate lunch and watched tv and rested. then megs picked me up around 1:30ish... we bought her a punching bag at sports authority, dropped kirsten off at 10,000 villages and got lester, pat, Joey and gigi some presents. YAY!! then went to starbucks to get K a drink, got ourselves ben & jerry's, went to publix for groceries, went to wolf to drop off her film, went home and wrapped presents, went back to wolf but film wasn't ready, went home and then walked to wes and cheryl's for choir party. PHEW! party was really fun. lotsa good peoples and food and fun. then mase and i walked to nana and pop pop's-- everyone came for the father's day celebration! i loooooooooooooove it when they all come over and we get together and laugh soooo much. i love leeann too, i'm glad she is marrying dan. yawnyawnyawn. well we have to be @ church @ 8 tomorrow... so i guess i should sleep. but i am talking to robby and addy and ellen!! who wants to stop those conversations? NOT ME!

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