Friday, June 18, 2004

10:32 PM
ok, starting with last saturday--
went to megan's house and allie, addy, candler, megs, chris t, laine, george, ben, nathan, daniel, laura r. were there. were there any more?? hmmm.. anyway, played ping pong and darts and watched "clueless" (rollin wit the homies, hehe) and then allie and i went to bed around 11:40 or so. she sacked out but i could not sleep til after 2ish in the morning. i just lay on the megses comfy sofa and tried my best to fall asleep but it did not work-- growl. there was a big t-storm that night too and it was cool but i wish i had been able to sleep better. then kirsten woke us up at 4 am and mom and dad and mase came around 4:15ish. they drove me and megan to the airport and the vinnies cut us off at a pass in the jag on the highway! hehe jk guys jk i love you allie and addy. we were dancing and singing to loud rap very early in the morning which actually woke me up pretty well. then we all got to the airport and most everyone showed up on time (coughchrisandchristinacough). we waited in line to check our baggage and after that said goodbye to moms and dads. then we went through security, etc. and then amy took her group-- me, megs, addy, becca, becca, and christinia-- to the gate. we went on the moving sidewalks instead of the train bc it is just more fun!! and megs and christina were racing us on the normal floor so we were running and gliding through the empty terminal area at 6 o'clock in the morning on a sunday at HJIA. twas fun. then we arrived at the gate and hung out for awhile and finally boarded. i was seated at a window! yay! next to me were emmy and chris, two awesome peoples. i love flying on airplanes, i hadn't flown on one since coming back from london over 2 years ago. it wasn't a horribly long flight, and i got to see philly from the sky and it was a really cool city to look at. so now i can say i have been to philadelphia, city of brotherly love, since i spent around 2 1/2 hours in the airport there between flights. we ate lunch around 9:30 in the morning, but it felt like lunch since we had been up for 5 hours and i was realllly starving. then we hung out and talked and waited and finally boarded a flight to st. thomas, USVI. i was seated between chris and mason- wahhhooo fun fun fun, hyperness let me tell you. i love those guys, one of them my real bro and one of them an honorary. megs and i switched seats a little ways into the flight and then i got to sit with hamp and candylander!!! i adore candler soo much. he is my LoTR buddy. the movie "miracle" played but i didn't watch it. candler's head fits perfectly on my shoulder and then my head is on top of his head and that is how we slept comfortably. we got into st. thomas around 3:30ish EST (even though we are in diff. time zones i believe, they do not have daylight savings so therefore it was the same time there) and we got to walk off the plane using stairs to the outside like presidents do and such. TOTALLY COOL DUDE. then lester met us at the airport-- YAY! we all bombarded him, it was so good to see him. we got our luggage and actually had a bit of a scare bc at one point there were still like 8 gals waiting and they said "yeah that's all the baggage we have on the plane..." but then apparently that turned out not to be true, thank goodness. then we lugged our bags into vans that looked mysteriously almost exactly like youth vans (ahh the memories). me, laura, megs, christina, addy, becca, becca, kelsey, amy, emmy, some others were in our van. st. thomas AND st. john are really hilly and so we went down lotsa hills and they drive on the left side of the road! it was an experience, a fun one, and we were all shouting and going beserk bc we were so excited and it was all so different-- "HEY GUYS, THEY DRIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!" amy = "shhhhh!!" haha. so we had fun and then we got to the ferry and rode the ferry across about 25 minutes to st. john, the other island where we actually stayed. it was windy and sunny and pretty. then we got there and had to wait about 30 minutes or so for trolleys to come and pick us up and take us to cinnamon bay campground. while we were waiting we saw a wall with graffiti on it that said "sorry ralph" and since we have a wonderful ralph in our group, we made him stand by it and look sad while we took pictures, hehe. and he has a great model face, but more about that later. so we finally got on the trolleys when they came and they were really cool-- open air, some with seats sideways to the car (looks like they have just been stuck on the back of a truck) and some trolleys. one had pikachu and some other pokemon characters on the back so we named it the pokemon bus. we drove up the winding twisting hills to cinnamon bay. it is truly beautiful. we went to our campsite and got our tent assignments-- me, becca d. (patrols '00 baby!! yeehah hehe), megs, and addy. put our stuff down, gave amy our passports and tickets, immediately changed into swimsuits to go to the BEACH! it is amazingly beautiful. the water? it's as clear a blue as they say it is, and it looks exactly like the postcards. it is fairly warm too, or at least not too cold to go in. the sunset can be seen easily from the beach and the sand is so soft it falls right through your fingers. i stayed in for a bit with my new green two piece (yay! a success, hears to megs, allie, and addy who helped me pick it out!) and then it got chilly so i got out and took some pictures (some of many). then we went back to the campsite and lester's friend melia (sp? i hope that's her name) had cooked dinner for us-- chicken and other yummy nourriture. lots of people know lester and they call him "rev", it's funny, it reminds me of remember the titans. we all ate and then it got darker and then amy, lester, ann, rachel, and i had a GREAT church politics discussion; i showed them my letter to wesley and his response and filled them in on the rest. it was very informative and interesting and i valued their opinions quite a lot. then i went to sleep; i never had any trouble getting to sleep while i was there in the VI. the bugs didn't eat me alive and i was quite comfy in the tent.
speaking of sleep, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO... i only got 7 hours last night bc i had an appt. with beth this morning at 10. it was good, but... allie and addy slept til 4 for gosh sakes!
i will talk about monday tomorrow. YAAAAAAAWN and peace

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