Wednesday, May 19, 2004

8:55 pm
well i guess you've heard the story
about a man who rode on the ark
and i bet old noah started getting real glad
when the sky started getting so dark
but he put his faith in god
and he started building a boat
when everyone else was beginning to sink
he was beginning to float...

sorry, allie just reminded me about youth week 8th grade. 15 SPRING BREAK 82 WHOOT WHOOT!! lol. hahaha. today was really, really good. ap world = LAST SAMURAI! good movie. very good. i enjoy it. we're not quite done. chem = work and then hanging out. french = CULTURE DAY! yummmm. AJ's jymbala (or however you spell it) ROCKS MY WORLD. and waffles and jo's little pastry things etc. etc... mmmm. good times. english = arthur games. i enjoy jon jon, he makes me laugh a LOT even if he makes adrian crazy hehehe.
then megs drove me down to caribou cause it was raining and when i got there, david and molls were already there. so yay, i did not have to hang out by myself and wait for them!! wahhooo. i got a passion fruit cold drink thing and we hung out for awhile and talked. i love being with them so much... sometimes though they are so opinionated and i dunno what to say bc i do not have as strong opinions as them... and their intellectuality (haha not a word but whatever) is so staggering. wow. sometimes it makes me feel a bit inferior but i remember #1- 2 of these guys are in college #2- mollie goes to paideia and has gone to TIP and studies philosophy and reads a helluva lotta good books... i dunno. but ANYWAY- it was so much fun to be with her, david, and austin (he came later) at the same time!!! ellen told us that lester's dad died... that is so sad. just after he announced he was leaving to be with him on sunday. yyeeeesh. we had fun though. i love my brothers and my sister. then david, austin, and i went to WNS. i went to the choir room cause the echoes of drums were coming from there and we watched megs, LK, allie, robby, and reid, and andy rehearse for the talent show. it was fun. then we all ate dinner- me, robby, david, austin, megs, LK, allie, reid, etc. i loooved having my austin and my david there!! it made me verry contente. then we had the talent show. we have a lot of prodigies in church!! hehe. and i sang. it was fun. and we drummed (well i did not drum, i sang to the drum song and danced around). then mom and i went to publix and came home. i SHOULD REALLY STUDY FOR MY CHEM FINAL... huuuummmm...
i love being with him so much. why can't i say anything? i am so scared that i've lost my chance... but i can only know for sure if i ask him. otherwise, it'll never happen no matter what. so the answer is you must find out or else = nada. damn. why am i so scared and timidish?? i want him to smile at me and look at me while i am singing in front of a crowd. i want to be able to pick out his face. i want to be comfortable and happy with him. i (think i) want him to know how i feel.
2 DAYS!!!
allie is making me giddy lol :)

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