Friday, May 21, 2004

8:17 pm
today was such an adrenaline rush.
ok. ok.
went to see ms. Adamson re: spotlight vs. creative writing... as of right now, doing spotlight for next year and PRAYING that KR will teach creative writing senior year. *pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease*
ok. it is now 9:54 pm. that is because for the past hour and a half i have been talking to megan, allie, and mollie (my gals!) about what transpired today in the life of claire (besides it being the final jour of l'ecole.) so i guess i'll continue with where i was. so yeah, i adore ms. adamson beyond all things. she ROCKS and i am so happy she is our IB coordinator. she's right, if we don't get IB mr. P is totally going to have a stroke. poor guy. i spose i want it, but i wouldn't totally mind if we didn't... regular schedule!! hehe.
then i went to AP world (for the last time!! *sniff sniff*) and we watched more of TTT (rotk- out on tuesday!! yeeeeeeeeeeeah!) and i wrote a note to my drummer boy. i thought= ok, just calm down and write what you feel.. which turned out to be confusing haha. i was writing it and i folded it up and thought... "you know, clairey, you really don't HAVE to send it. you could just put it away. and never think about it again. or think about it and be sad and cowardly and feel bad because you didn't do anything." yeah, that just about decided it. "forget regret, for life is yours to miss..." (--rent, which is coming to the fab fox- damn i wanna go!!! $$ though) so clairey writes a little note, folds it up, and spends the rest of the period saying "maybe not... NO YOU MUST! nooo... YES! nooo..." as i told megs, the angel and the devil on my shoulder! except i didn't know which was which! hehehe. and then the bell rang and we were done and i was thinking holy crap holy crap i'm gonna see him what do i do what do i do what what what and then i saw him and he was walking with lizzie and he said "she doesn't like lord of the rings" and i tried to act normal and i handed him the note and walked away and lizzie says "claire, where's MY note?!" and i laughed shakily and walked down the catwalk and took it in... i did it! i did it! theoden: and so it begins. and now he would know! damn! should i have?? holy shit! damn! (these were the thoughts running through my head at the time) and my breaths were coming really really fast and my stomach was knotted totally. that was it. done, done, done. i found megan... "megs, megs, i wrote him a note and now i'm really scared... megan, megan what will i do?? oh my god i am so scared..." she shrieked and said she would ask him about it and i said NO! and then i went to chemistry to take my FREAKIN FINAL! (yes, under these stressful conditions) it wasn't so bad... i'm almost positive that i got more than a 70 which is what i need to keep my A. sooo after i took the final (note: it is now 10:40; i just talked to marty for about 20 minutes) i sat in my seat and tried not to get my hopes up too much since last time that kind of didn't work. i just sat there thinking- oh my god, he's read it by now... oh my god. my stomach dropped about a zillion times and didn't come back up!! then nazia, LK, and i walked to french for the last time... :( i am gonna miss nazia a lot! we had a sub in french since mme had to be @ graduation stuff. and she (the sub) let us do ANYTHING, seriously, people were going to A lunch and outside and everywhere... and it was bc ali, one of the coolest dudes around, went to A lunch for a minute and came back with a note from megs. a POSITIVE NOTE!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! it made me feel sooooo happy and relieved. i had been so worried he would be over me. then i sat through lunch (Hot outside man) and took pictures and ziah came in and signed my yearbook ("to a newly acquired dear sweet") and i talked to jo a lot-- man, i adore her. she rocks. she'll be a true parisienne by the time i see her next! awesome. then i went to english and talked to megan and got really, really hyper and we took our final but mainly BSed cause we didn't care at all since if we didn't TAKE it we could still get high As in the class. i love ms. crow, i'm gonna miss not having her next year. oh, by the way, guess where flowers is moving to next year regarding rooms? yup, right across from his favorite!! (in nance's old room) HAHAHAHAHA megs and i laughed really hard at that. air horns will be disputed i'm sure. then-- the bell rang at 3:20! so we raced down the stairs to the parking lot and the bell... kept ringing... and affan comes out and says "i think they set off the fire alarm!" but we couldn't tell if people were calling us back or not so we just went! and we were the 2nd out of the parking lot after vail. (maaan this is taking SO dang long! it's such a busy day! it's nearly 11 pm) and we went to the mall and got tickets and then went to my house for a bit, met mase at the bus stop (Freshie!! ahhhh!) and went back home and then went to the mall and henry came too... we ate dinner and then saw shrek 2! it was grreat. i really enjoyed it. PUSS' CAT EYES WERE THE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! OH MY GOSH! it was really funny. eddie murphey rocks my world. mooshoo and donkey, two characters for the ages. then we came back home and they all played badminton and i tried to get ahold of allison but she was GONE... and then while the others watched "ace ventura" (forced upon them by mason), megs and i discussed things... hehehe. and then she goes: i think i'm gonna call him! me: MEGAN! I WILL KILL YOU! PLEASE DON'T! pleeeeeeeeeease. i'm scared... and she said: i won't even tell him that you're here! i just wanna ask him if his band will play at kickoff! me: ahhhh... she dials: it's busy. me: phewwww. we go downstairs for something to drink. she SLYLY starts dialing... me: MEGAN!!! i run into the den. she talks to him for a minute and then says "yeah, and claire's here, do you want to talk to her?" and apparently he does have caller ID so he knew it was my house all along. WOW. so i took the phone (thanks megs) and we talked for a few minutes. it made me really happy. it was good to hear things from him personally. now i am elated. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! this day was totally, totally surreal. in every aspect. what the heck would i do without my megs????? i have no clue. my soul sista is just amazing. then i called molls, talked to allie, and called marty. sorry but i am so proud of myself! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AND IT IS SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god be with us all.
wow, it's 11:08 pm. that took awhile. *yawn*

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