Saturday, May 22, 2004

6:55 pm
hallo all!!!! :-)
i probably should be packing but what the hell. it's summer!!
i forgot to mention something yesterday in all the euphoria:
melissa is so wonderful. she came over on thursday night to "study" chemistry (haha) and she cracks me up soooooo much! wow. explaining the gold foil experiment, other stories, etc. etc... i love her to death. my bestest buddy; she has become so much more optimistic and happy over the past year and a half. i am so glad about that. YAY! she's leaving tomorrow too... i should call her...
anyway, today was excellent. woke up around 10ish, watched "friends" episodes (maaan the one where no one's ready is so up there in the top 5, it's hysterical; mase and i know the majority of the lines-- kinda sad, but hey, whatever) and then hung around reading emails :) and showered, etc. then ma famille et moi went to chris's graduation party- robert was there, yay! and dearest marty and megs, victor, david, lynn!! of course chris too. we had fun. and christinia (haha) came over from across the street for a bit. twas tres enjoyable. then we went to the osbornes' for a bit to celebrate andrew's graduation and birthday. then we went home and i've been watching more "friends" and packing and daydreaming... megs is coming over later tonight to watch a movie or something. DANG I NEED TO PACK!! i love you all... i'll be gone for about a week-- don't worry, those of you who can't live without me, it'll fly by! PEACE AND SUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!!

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