Thursday, May 13, 2004

6:11 pm
AAAGGGH 6 days, 6 days, 6 days!!!! thank god, you always bring summer or whatever at the time when i am most aobut to snap. how do you do it? hahaha. never mind. you're god. mysteries are your business.
this morning = breakfast club; me "i think i know that van" sure enough... god i want my best friend to myself so damn much... i think that i act forlorn (as mom said) and pathetic sometimes around those two bc i want her to notice me more. i dunno, i feel so selfish for those feelings, yet i feel really like i have a right to them because seriously, what are they, attached at the hip? sorry. sorry. that was mean. i don't mean to be mean. but i am pissed. it's like AB and C. (note: now it is 6:36 because i have been outside talking to mom and nana about wesley's response letter. anyway, on with the show) and they do not notice it!!! they do not notice it AT ALL. ahhhhgh i am so happy summer is almost here, i need a break.
school = ok... but i did not see robby as much as i would like at ALL. i haven't been seeing him a lot lately and that is bothersome, i very much enjoy spending time with him and i would like to spend more. it was so much fun talking to him all night on bite nite... that was good. we have lots of things in common. more than i realized. and i feel so comfortable talking to him, he really listens to me, and i really listen to him, but sometimes i get nervous. god what is going on????
ap world was fine, ERPs and "a knight's tale". chem was soooooo boring, i love ms. t-sang to death but i could not keep my eyes open to SAVE MY LIFE. who cares about freakin gas laws when school'll be out a week from tomorrow?!?!?! belcch. in french, mme. fleming (hehehe laura) was our prof. since it was senior take-over day (oh yeah and anna was ms. W, it was good, they look alike) and we went to the bibliotheque to get recipes for culture day (claire's project: quiche lorraine, very simple hehehehe) and then we ate lunch and lizzie signed my yearbook and paul hit his leg with his hand and it was funny. and we watched FOTR in french (it is not meant to be spoken in french!!! not at all!! the names are all in weird accents! sorry mes amis francais but... c'est la vie) but mainly signed yearbooks. in english we watched more arthur texts stuff. and afterwards, me, jon jon, mike, and adrian stayed for an hour to work on our arthur gameboard. it is turning out really well, i like my group a lot and we had fun and we talked to ms. crow about bush's idiotic decisions such as the war (btw there was an awesome letter to the editor in the ajc, from yesterday, read it...) and it was very enjoyable. then nana picked me up and took me home and she has been here for awhile watching dr. phil etc.
now i really need to set the table and work on french. i wrote poems for addy and allie from the stuff they IM me! they are works of genius i think. hehehe. ok god be with me the last week of school.

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