Friday, May 07, 2004

6:05 pm
happy FRIDAY!!! EEE!
FRIENDS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cried. i have to admit it, i did. at the very end, when the camera zoomed all around the empty apartment i cried. sooo hard. it's like lotr!! actually i dunno which is worse. they are different. but i am so happy rachel and ross got together. well, DUH. but still. it was such a wonderful show (and still is obviously since the episodes will be syndicated forever i'm sure)... *sniff* nostalgia. ANYWAY
today was normal. dude i feel like such a slacker. after this AP exam i want to do NOTHING. which we do in AP WH. i still have to do my freakin ERP. that annoys me. but at least i do not care as much (ok at all) anymore. we watched more of "braveheart" (hehehe mr. seals hehehe) and i went to my spotlight interview. it was reallllllllllly good. i adore KR so much and i don't even have her for a class. good/interesting news: creative writing is a class!!! 54 people signed up!!! ahhh!!! so one way or another i will have her for a class. YESSSSSSSSS. i have dreamed of taking that class from her. chem was chem. that's a slacker class. shouldn't be. french DEFINITELY was. dang that project is not loookin good yet. bleeech. english was fine. watched this history of advertising movie. ms. C is freaking out bc we haven't done a research paper, etc. and WE AREN'T GOING TO!!! EEEE! :-)
went to kappa orientation... on laine's candle present i wrote "will you light my candle?" and that TOTALLY gave it away!! heehee. i meant to though. i came into the library and she goes "CLAIRE!!!!!" it was funny. seems like just yesterday i was being inducted. and now i am home having watched last night's "Tonight show" with the cast.
now i am going to go sleep before bite nite. I HOPE IT IS FUN AND GOOD AND ALL THAT. god let us be happy and safe. amen.


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