Wednesday, May 12, 2004

6:01 pm
bon soir i must say... 7 days, i dunno if i can take it. seriously, i am about at my wit's end. especially in french. that's the only homework i have tonight what with that stupidly annoying final project that counts as our exam. god, i wish we had an exam sooo much more than this project!! eeek! bleech. oh yeah, last night, megs, LK, mase, and my parents and i went to the DH-woodward soccer game. it was fun, there were lots of people there and we had a great fan base. "PUBLIK SKOOL!" YEAH! hahaha no we are not that stupid, most of us are actually fairly intelligent. but we lost... :( it was craaaazy, first we were losing 1-0, then we were winning 2-1 at the end of the first half, then they came in and beat us 4-2. crap. man it was maddening, there are lots of good seniors. but at least those himeno geniuses will be back next year. please answer me a question: why the heck were people screaming "rufiOOOOO!"?? it is from "hook"! but why?? whatever.
hahahahaha. (the devil is our mascot. we are not satanists. just to clear things up.) then i had to come home in the car w/ those crazy rascals who like rap and want me to drive long cars etc. etc. that bothered me. i love megan so much... i care for her beyond many things in this world. i do not think my brother understands that sometimes he takes away from me. it is hard for us to have the same friends now. as i told mom, "monica and ross did it... but i don't *wanna* be monica and ross!" heheeh. at least not yet.
ok today in world history nazia presented her beautifully done, one night ERP. it was good. we starting watching "a knight's tale"... yesssss! awesome movie, heath ledger is so dang fine. in chem we took a test that was easy so i have no homework in there tonight! yayayay. in french we did some stuff but mainly talked and at lunch we got our yearbooks! and then we signed them and looked at them. i am in a page or two but sometimes i want to be more popular than i am at school, i want to be down in the crowd that takes over the bottom bleachers and leads the cheers and has their pictures in the WHOLE yearbook... but then i think, no, no, i love who i am, i love my friends, why should i want to be different? those guys probably did stuff that i wouldn't dare do to get where they are and besides we are just different people and i don't hang out with them as much because we are different. just claire contemplations. to see mase go out on the field during halftime and see him play with shelley and lauren and virginia, etc. was soooo weird... he was playing with these upperclassmen gals that i hardly know! he is getting so old... i guess i never expected him to be popular. but he is, he is wonderful. i wish he would let me tell him that sometimes. at LEAST sometimes. in english we watched some of "the sword in the stone" (i remember that dragon-witch now) and "camelot" (i remember the "it's true, it's true, the fates have made it clear, the climate must be perfect all year..." from a night on the town on npr.. man have not listened to that show in forever.). then i went home and on the way jules and i exchanged signings. we both mentioned FLA, mint julip, and the TT show. 2 weeks babay!! yeeehah. man this summer... god i cannot wait, i am so excited just to have TIME TIME TIME FREE TIME ALL TO MYSELF AND WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.... ahhhh!! such a wonderful gift! lasagna for dinner. yess yummm.
sometimes i feel like i know exactly what (and who) i want. sometimes it is less sure. sometimes it is all-out brow-furrowing and confusing. right now i THINK i know... i really do. really really. i think. i think too much.
-write! write! write! write! (KR's creative writing class next year- hell yeah!!!)
-cook! cook! cook! (yummy things)
-send writing to jack- go get his book "when the finch rises"
-make a list of movies to go see or rent (the goonies, heavenly creatures, whalerider, lost in translation, etc....)
-clean out my room
-take pictures (a photo class?)
-get megs or allie to teach me sewing basics
-drive (damn)
-read wonderful books (more arthurian legends... the silmarillion... under the tuscan sun... trinity... sooo many wonderful ones!)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

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