Thursday, May 06, 2004

5:55 pm
tomorrow is FRIDAY :)
today was fine. went to breakfast-- me, megs, MOLLS, david, the regulars, etc. and amy, etc. were all there. twas fun. the pancakes were SMALL!!! NOOOO! i am paying more for less!! not cool. but i did not say anything. ahh the air outside is gorgeous. then i went to school and verry smoothly slipped and fell in the front of the north bldg. now i have a big bruise on my knee. oh well. it happens. the doggies are trying to chase a bird outside. classes were fine, verb test was good in french- 97. english- ms. C was not there so we got split up and me, megs, lauren, ellen, adrian, and thyles got stuck in a class watching the miracle worker. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get me out. came home and watched the special friends dateline. IT IS THE END OF AN ERA!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!! finale TONIGHT
am gonna go to starbucks to get something for little "emily webb" my sis hehe for kappa.
then must do french work.
and watch finale.
tomorrow = kappa orientation
and BITE NITE 04!!!!!!!!!! :-D



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