Monday, May 03, 2004

5:53 pm
back now. anyway. senior banquet rocked. good times. 7 seniors- laura, kady, rob, thomas, chris, katherine, and laura. good times. it seemed like elizabeth should be there too since she was in so many of the pictures. yesterday was her birthday. yay. i miss her. yummy desserts and good peoples were present.
today was fine. ap = practice COT essay. man this exam is not gonna be fun. i think that the fun aspects are gonna be being with my friends. hehehe. and freaking together. chem = sub since ms. T is in LA at the funeral and he kept telling us to shut up and that science was better than the arts. aHEM but some people beg to differ. not that science is awful, but still. french = verb stuff. dang test on THURSDAY. bleech. lunch = fight and our booth was totally surrounded by all these people standing up english = other stuff... nothing totally exciting. heard "exciting" info about MMXI like the palmers got arrested... bob rocks, how does he have such different brothers? then rode the bus home. then went to the orthodonist. it hasn't started to hurt yet but poor teeth... hehe. ok. ok... WORK TIME. mmmm... chicken pie for dinner... mmmm... :-D



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